The eternal Classical approach in Homeopathy

If a person takes the time to research Classic beginnings, they will find the genesis of all ideas and new methods. An invesitgator will find that new concepts and modes and progression of thought all have a basis in the classical beginnings of a therapy.
Sadly for homoeopathy, the development of good ideas and improvements have not been evident simply because the genesis, the root the beginning has not been consulted. Most students, most teachers, most researchers have relied on second and third hand information, seeking only others advice and thoughts, without doing the reseach themselves. They have lost their foundation. Too much has been taken for fact and truth, not enough of the deep and honest questions have been asked. Homoeopathy has been overshadowed by spiritual and fashion led leanings without reliance on the proven and time tested methods of application. Mostly, people. full of their own understanding and ‘comprehension’ of homoeopathy have diverted the practice into a method not recognisable to the genesis or genius of the practice, and have done this without a knowledge of what it is really about because they never studied the origins.
For the small percentage that apply the law of similars in the way of the masters, I applaud you. You are not old fashioned, or cling to the tenets of a 200 year old set of writings, outdated and outmoded by modern thinking. You actually are practising good and sound medicine based on the eternal law of similia and the only scientific method to apply the therapeutics of the therapy as developed and tested by Samuel Hahnemann, for which NO other method can work repeatably and on good sound principles for the curative response to the medicines.
“……………………..The latest ideal of the modern medicinal science are: (1) to ‘ensure cure by applying least amount of medicine’ to avoid side effects, (2) ‘drug targeting to the affected tissue’ for the safety of unaffected organs, and (3)’individualization of treatment’ due to genetic variability among the patients. Hence, there is no doubt that homeopathy is the forerunner of the modern science of medicine, because they are used in minutest quantity, having highly penetrating ability and homeopathy itself is a very much individualized method of treatment from the very beginning. ‘Bryonia’ can cure fever of one patient according to specific combination of symptoms and ‘Rhus tox’ of another. Lack of proper penetration ability of the crude drugs to the diseased tissue cells and attenuation of detoxification mechanism of the diseased tissue causes failure of ordinary allopathic drugs, therefore the use of a ‘vehicle’ that can form a shield against detoxifying agents to guarantee drug delivery to the target tissue was essential. Application of ‘vehicle’, therefore, became no more a unique heritage of Hahnemann’s method, but has gradually became corollary to the drug delivery system of mainstream medicine as well.”
Sanjib Chattopadhyay, MD (Bio.), MSc (Zool.), PhD, Associate Professor, Dept of Zoology

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