Find the remedy.

  • Date: April 2011
  • Repertory used: Therapeutic Pocket Book P&W Edition.
  • Consultation time 50 minutes.
  • Materia Medica consulted: Chronic Diseases by Samuel Hahnemann.

(I have numerous responses to this presentation, some directly to the website (here), and several in Email. Perhaps in your responses, you might be so kind as to outline your reasons for the prescription that you made.


14 year old Male. Downs Syndrome.

Parents presented child for help with constipation.

I undertook a full health history and symptom collection.


Since childhood, the boy had suffered chronic constipation which occasionally required mechanical removal. Stools were very odorous, light in colour and always hard. The boy had a history of repeated infection with stool worms. His appetite was always large and would eat at every opportunity. The parents kept him on a moderate bland diet as he suffered stomach upset with spiced or rich gravies or meat.

Physical examination.

Skin had a pallor of off colour about it. from a couple of feet away he looked like he needed a good wash. (His parents were fastidious about keeping him clean and this was not the reality).They said he regularly got a few spots around his body and they were yellow in colour. I also noticed he had a lot of liquidy earwax in both ears. I was informed that this was very common for him.

After considering the symptoms, I prescribed XXXXX in the 0/1 potency of LM preparation. Once daily.

Follow up 4 weeks later: The only change was that his appetite had diminished a little and he was sleeping more. I upped the prescription to the 0/2 of the same medicine, once daily.

Follow up 4 weeks later. Had another bout of roundworms. But as instructed by us, did nothing and monitored only. The worms disappeared in 2 days. Stools were not as hard. Continue medicine.

Follow up 4 weeks later. Stools were changeable hard to soft to hard to loose. Skin was clearing up and not looking as off. no yellow eruptions. Changed to 0/3 of the same medicine.

Follow up 6 weeks later. Stools much softer.Not as odorous. Colour changed to brown. Skin looked much healthier. Earwax had stopped being liquid and was not an issue. Seemed very happy. Kept on same potency but changed to once a week. (To continue until stool became normal and then stop.. took another 7 doses over 7 weeks then stopped)

Follow up at end of the year. Occasional constipation but stools were normal. Everything was fine. Gave Parents LM 0/4 to hold if needed and just phone in if symptoms came back. Have treated Parents on and off since but child remains in stable condition.

What was the remedy?

additional notes:

Common disorders related to Down syndrome, such as:

  • Inrellectual. Most children with Down syndrome have mild to moderate cognitive disability.
  • Heart defects. About half of the children who have Down syndrome are born with a heart defect.
  • Hyper/ Hypo thyroidism.
  • Celiacs Disease
  • Eye Conditions.
  • Respiratory infections,
  • Hearing problems,
  • Dental problems.
  • Depression or behavior problems associated with ADHD or Autism.

I have indicated the areas where the patient exhibited common symptoms of the condition. In writing the case up, I assumed most people would be aware of the associated problems of the condition which give a background to the whole extraction of symptoms for prescribing.

11 responses to “Find the remedy.

  1. Mercurius?

  2. Phosphorus.

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  4. Iodium.

  5. Sorry! This is my repertorisation:
    -stool, offensive
    -stool, worms
    -agg Rich foods
    -agg meat

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  7. I first put too much importance on the stomach symptoms ( phos). When made aware of the common symptoms of Down syndrome ( iod ) my repertorisation was:

    stool, constipation, on account of hard feces
    stool, offensive
    stool, worms
    skin, color, dirty
    skin, spots, yellow
    ears, ear wax. thin
    agg., children especially, remedies for

    • Hi Miss Rebecca. The only rubric I have issues with is the agg: children especially remedies for. At 14 is not a child, and also the symptoms are common to Downs and not common to children.

      • Becky Graves

        Hi Gary, and thank you, In pointing out my my error you’ve given me a better understanding.

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