Considerations in case taking.

thoughtful-senior-physician-thinking-with-hand-on-his-chinIm writing this brief article for the practitioners that have not been taught the Hahnemannian medical approach in tracing the full picture of the ‘disease’ and then how to extract the prescribing symptoms from that picture.

EVERYTHING a homoeopath needs to know is contained in the Organon of Medicine. When read as written, without philosophical or interpretive overlay, a very precise, mode of scientific examination and symptom synthesis and choice is shown how to be applied in every case. Each and every rubric, whilst complete in itself, it integrally allied to others to show amplification of the methodology contained within.

This article is linked specifically to the case presented Find the Remedy but is exactly the same method used for any case of disease.

§ 6 Fifth Edition
The unprejudiced observer – well aware of the futility of transcendental speculations which can receive no confirmation from experience – be his powers of penetration ever so great, takes note of nothing in every individual disease, except the changes in the health of the body and of the mind (morbid phenomena, accidents, symptoms) which can be perceived externally by means of the senses; that is to say, he notices only the deviations from the former healthy state of the now diseased individual, which are felt by the patient himself, remarked by those around him and observed by the physician. All these perceptible signs represent the disease in its whole extent, that is, together they form the true and only conceivable portrait of the disease.

When a patient presents for treatment, they come for specific deviations in their health picture which are now troubling them. One of the less understood things regarding treatment, is that the term “former healthy state” is qualified by “of the now diseased individual”

Why is this important? Well, it requires the physician to take into account the entire background of the patient in an analytical manner starting from knowledge of Health.

Health is the absence of dis-ease. However, genetically, familially, racially, environmentally, each person comes with a set of modifications and adaptions and resultant state of existence, that allow them to live in, at best, a balanced compromise to get the best out of a functioning organism given the circumstances. Sometimes, an individual is born or acquires a deficit of health that leaves them with disorders such as auto-immune disease, Downs Syndrome, Autism, Poor eyesight, etc etc.

When a person with, for example, Downs Syndrome, presents for treatment for a troubling new disturbance, or an exacerbation of an existing set of symptoms, the physician has to balance carefully the normal ‘former healthy state of the now diseased individual within the boundaries of the patients individual mode of existence and with the known limitations set by his or her condition. There are weaknesses and predispositions and affected organs and disease states associated with certain types of illness that cannot be ignored.

So a healthy state has to be considered entirely individually, and within the constraints of what is possible to treat, but always with the knowledge of what a REAL healthy state is, and try and balance everything.

This is important. In taking a correct approach to treatment, it allows us to be more accurate in our assessment, and in giving the appropriate treatment, it allows the organism to fix itself to the extent the organism CAN be fixed and in some cases will move the health forward in leaps and bounds. HOWEVER.. good homoeopathic treatment, will NOT cure Downs Syndrome and will not remove the associated problems or weaknesses, BUT it will allow for vastly improved health within the boundaries. (another example is the RESULTS of disease. Heart issues after Rheumatic Fever etc)

This patient presented with constipation which is a known issue in the disorder. However, the extent of the problem was quite severe, and therefore help was sought to remove or alleviate the problem. In the event, the issue was 95% removed. Did I expect this issue to be removed?

The answer to that question is the same for all cases that present to my clinic. I have complete faith in the efficacy of a well prescribed medicine or series of medicines for helping an organism to overcome disorders that persist. If the body is capable of regulating itself, then YES, I expect the issue to be removed or alleviated. How quickly, or how effectively is something else. As we do not always know the development or reasons for the disorder, we must persist and be patient and apply due diligence in chasing the symptoms as they appear for prescribing and observe carefully the results of each medicinal action. We also need to be aware that in some cases, PHYSICAL limitations and balance of disorders is the best we can do. I have patients for whom I reach a level of functionality on all levels, for which I cease prescribing at that point simply because, to the extent of my abilities and their functionality which is FAR better than before, I dont want to chase one disorder and risk the best they can be all things considered.

We ALWAYS prescribe for the totality of symptoms which we have elicited from the patients own set of circumstances and what has changed for the worse for them.

In collecting the picture of the disease, we then need to determine the essential prescribing symptoms which represent the ENTIRE case, either in a single symptom, or a collection of two or three symptoms that characterize the disorder.

The above notes are something that we take in to account as we assess the scope of the issues presented. It is not defeatist or pessimistic. It is the realistic evaluation as a physician, and as such, when we prescribe, we will be presented with that individuals reaction and curative resources which may be stronger than we hoped for within the limits of the disability. For many of the clinics patients who read this, they will testify to the help received from medicines which turned their lives around in impossible circumstances. Some have to live with their disorders, Diabetes etc but in a more controlled and less affected way.

I have added a background to Downs Syndrome on the case…. Relook at the case and try again.

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