Find the Remedy Analysis

When considering health restoration, a Physician requires an overview of the conditions that prevail in each individual case. This is the Evans model depicting a general perspective of circumstances that affect each and every individual on the planet.

This model is one of the best I have seem for explaining the existing conditions that are representative of well being and disease. Each area if adjusted out of balance with another, will lead to a stress on the individual and create a dis-ease.

Downs Syndrome Case of Hard Stools.

We can see the disturbance is from the genetic endowment, the Biology and the Health and function, which affects the Well being.

The individual response from the person is reflected in the diseased state.

We have a predefined circumstance of known proportion in Downs Syndrome. To a lesser or greater extent, certain conditions will be present, celiac disease, Thyroid involvement. mental constraints affecting cognitive ability, certain physical characteristics etc.

The patient presented with chronic constipation and hard stools. Given that it is a part of the ‘picture of Downs Syndrome’, it is an exacerbation of either celiac or the Thyroid problems.

In taking the case, I noted characteristics of the patient that stood out.

  • Skin colour/tone looked unwashed.
  • Eruptions were yellow.
  • liquid earwax present all the time.
  • Aggravated by rich foods.
  • Hard stools.

These are the symptoms that formed the basis of my prescription. I KNOW that we can attribute each and every one to the common ailments within the condition, but that is irrelevant in as much as these symptoms in combination are the INDIVIDUALISED picture of his expression of affection.

I must admit, my thoughts during the case taking were leaning towards Sulphur or Mercurius, but a careful examination of the Chronic Diseases via the T.P.B. pointed me in the correct direction. Given that Thyroid issues are a common part of the condition, I was more than happy to prescribe Iodium based on the ability of it to produce similar symptoms. It was a surprise to me to see it be indicated strongly, when I would have suspected celiac Disease as the culprit.

However, the prescription is only as good as its effect, and after the first 4 weeks with little happening, I began to doubt my choice. However on re reading the proving, I could not prescribe anything else. So I upped the potency and continued. The rest is documented in the case notes.

Here is the complete repertory symptoms for further reading.

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