How to deal with information taken in a case.

A physician will have a mind full of facts, data and experience. ALL of it useful knowledge.

In taking a case of a patient, the homoeopathic physician is aware that before him is a singular case of disease, peculiar to the patient and individual in character. This does not negate ANY of the knowledge held regarding pathology and named disease progression. If anything it is useful in establishing common symptoms pertaining to certain disease states to determine what is to be taken into account or not.

For an accurate case taking and analysis, it is always best to remove overlays of philosophical or religious ideas, and deal directly with the exhibited symptoms that can be observed or detailed by the patient or those familiar with the situation. This approach will negate the emphasis on mental/emotional/spiritual theories regarding WHY the patient is having issues, and will instead focus on the ACTUAL and REAL symptoms experienced.

I have been asked to detail the reasons for the prescription made for the Hard Stool case.

Firstly, in looking at the case, I took the background into consideration that physical tendencies and weakness were inherent in the D.S. condition. However, it usually is a loose bowel motion rather than constipation that we come across. That is not to say it is unusual, more that I have not seen it myself as much.

That said, I took the literal existence of ‘hard stools’ which was the problem. If we examine JUST THE ONE SYMPTOM, in all its components, we begin to follow a pattern.

They boy had a large appetite. He had a continued problem with worms (diagnosed as roundworms). Rich food would aggravate him.

However, regardless of the aggravation, he had a problem with HARD stools that were light in colour, odourous and would not be expelled easily. Now we could state that his skin appearance could be due to not having his system cleared regularly, which may be true, or we could observe it as an existing symptom present all the time. I also noted the nature of his eruptions were yellow. The liquid earwax was also present most of the time. So we now have:

If we just take the STOOL symptoms alone, there are lots of medicines that in combination will cause similar problems. However, in looking at his other presenting symptoms, only 9 medicines cause aggravation from rich foods. Only 6 medicines cause an obvious “DIRTY” skin complexion , only 8 medicines cause a liquid or fluid ear wax discharge and only 19 medicines cause yellow spots.

Remember I am using the P&W Therapeutic Pocket Book based on 125 medicines collated by Boenninghausen.

So, as the symptoms exist and are present, the stool symptoms by itself is pretty common. However, if we look at a combination of just 3 symptoms external to the stool we have:

and if we look at constant symptoms: his appetite, the presence of worms and aggravation from rich food we have:

So whichever way the symptoms are analysed, in combination  a variety of ways, Iodium is capable of producing these symptoms individually BUT also together in one form or another.

In assessing the remedy Iodium for prescription, We see that Hahnemann notes a “good appetite” also the opposite of a loss of appetite. Boenninghausen lists it as a major medicine for causing ravenous eating. Other physicians note it too.

Buck, Henry, The Outlines of Materia Medica
Appetite Abnormal.

Farrington, Ernest, Lectures on Clinical Materia Medica
There is excessive appetite, he is anxious and faint if he does not get his food.
The patient has a very good appetite, and is relieved by eating.
….a ravenous appetite.
This, in conjunction with the other Iodine symptoms, sallow, tawny skin, ravenous appetite, etc., makes Iodine the remedy which will relieve many cases and cure some.

So as we read Iodium. we begin to see the symptoms that Hahnemann and Boenninghausen noted of importance. I could list them all but better that the reader does it so as to impress on the memory.

You will not always find exact matches to the symptoms. The T.P.B. is a synthetic approach to case analysis and will extrapolate symptoms from other areas of the provings, BUT: will always always always lead to a medicine or group of medicines that can cause similar problems. I was happy to prescribe Iodium.

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