Eczema case after 3 weeks

This is the result of the Eczema case after 3 weeks on the remedy in 0/1 potency of the L.M. Scale. Keep your remedy choice and reason for prescribing coming…








4 responses to “Eczema case after 3 weeks

  1. I couldn’t get my email to work on the PC so I couldn’t send a screen shot of the repertory work, sorry.

    Aggravation, perspiration, after (2806)
    Amelioration, washing (2927)
    Aggr, Noise (2418)
    Aggr, Hunger (fasting) (2450)
    Sesations and complaints skin eruptions general itching (1405)

    Spigelia covers all the symptoms, But I don’t know for sure whether to include the aggr from hunger. I’ve heard it isn’t normal to be irritable when hungry. But if I didn’t include it Sepia would be the top remedy to consider. Especially since it has a striking irritation of the skin from perspiration. Also the aggr from noise, I don’t know whether its a usable symptom either, is it something he’s always had? I read Hahnemann on both these remedies I couldn’t decide between them. If the hunger is out, I would give Sepia, if it is in Spigelia.

  2. OK, I’m declaring. Spigelia

  3. i would consider antidoting the vaccination first then go to the details

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