Case analysis for “another find the remedy case”


First, I want to thank all the practitioners and non practitioners for taking a chance on their prescriptions being ‘wrong’ on the site and in email. I would like to state once more that paper cases are the hardest to do and that if the patient had been in front of them, their observations might very well have been different (if they got the remedy wrong here). This is not about getting the remedy correct or not correct, this is about understanding a symptom and finding the correct rubric to identify it. This is about being specific and NOT using two rubrics to describe the same symptom from different angles… it does not work. This is about being BRAVE enough to trust in Hahnemann and your own observations to choose carefully the absolute symptom. For the record, it will take an average practitioner about one year to come to a working knowledge of the Therapeutic Pocket Book. A practitioner will go through MANY frustrations until finally they grasp the essentials and understanding of how to recombine a symptom and WHAT is a symptom.

the last chart on the page will show the repertorizing that I did for the case. When you understand how the Therapeutic pocket-book works, you can short cut like this for finding the CHARACTERISTIC of the disease and the remedy.

P&W Therapeutic Pocket Book used only.

So here we have a six year old child with Eczema.

We need to look at the symptoms presented very carefully to trace the disease Picture.

  • Tetters (Eczema)
  • Itching of Skin
  • Hard skin thickening.
  • Eczema in joints of arms and legs and neck.
  • Possible vaccination causation.

If we use this as our beginning state of the expression the disease in his economy.

You can click on the picture for increased clarity

As you can see, the basic expression of the disease is covered by 14 medicines. You will also note that I have checked which medicines have a causation of vaccinosis, and these are indicated in yellow on the names. I have no clue whether or not a vaccination is responsible, so at this point it is merely there for reference.

At this point, we note that the GENERAL picture of the disease has been traced. It is perfectly clear that this is a case of Eczema with defined symptoms. It is enough to indicate a group of medicines for further study, and that could take another couple of hours or so to do. However, we do not have anything that characterizes the picture of a single remedy that CLEARLY defines it above all other remedies and that is peculiar to one or few medicines. We are looking at the picture of disease that encompasses CONCOMITANT symptoms and also modalities of the expression of the disease that only this patient exhibits singularly and in totality of all his suffering.

It is my experience with expressed symptoms, that they HAVE to be present in the current case taking state, to be prescribed for. Now it was noted that the child had always had an issue with irritability and anger if he got hungry. His personality changed and he got angry and upset until he ate. although this symptom is of long standing, it is still one that exists and is representative of one part of his makeup, and is unusual enough to be remarked on because of the change in him.

So we look at the case again, and note the child is aggravated after playing,getting warm and perspiring.So when we combine all the symptoms into an individual picture, we get:We can see Rhus Tox does not have an aggravation from becoming hot or from perspiration. We also note that the disposition is not vexed or angry. The modalities determined the case for starting with SEPIA. 0/1 potency one dose a day.

I note from the case that we DID give Rhus Tox several weeks after the Sepia for a couple of doses, and that about a year later the father gave mercurius for something else. The boy has remained skin clear and happy for over 2 years.

Was the vaccination the cause? I dont know.

(As mentioned above, this is the repertorization that I took for the case)


4 responses to “Case analysis for “another find the remedy case”

  1. WOW! I was way off. The right remedy but completely the wrong way to get there.

    • Hi Miss Becky
      The clear symptoms of the case, if used, would indicate the correct remedy for any prescription. What I am trying to show is a SURE way of knowing that a repertorial work will indicate either a single medicine or a couple of medicines for examination in the materia medica, and will speed the process through using the T.P.B.
      When I wrote this case up, I did indeed make it relatively easy to recognise key symptoms in as much as I cut out a lot of the other non essential symptoms I received. That said, NO prescription is ever made without consultation of the Materia Medica and indeed, MANY prescriptions are made with remedies that are NOT first on the list. The Repertorial work just indicates medicines that can CAUSE similar issues, and what I am poorly trying to show is that the KEY prescribing symptoms (rubrics) are not the common ones of a known pathology/disease. In effect, the choice of symptoms reflect the INDIVIDUAL response be it within the disease state of the primary complaint OR in the individual response of the organism to a repeatable set of circumstances that are unique to that individual. Ie problem worse for heated and perspiration and hunger causing irritation.

  2. Hi Gary. Thank you for posting these cases. When you post the analysis I (think) understand . All the information is there, I just don’t see it yet.

  3. Its always inspiring to see this elegant and amazing system work! Thanks for posting these cases, they are invaluable for learning. When I see them, I can’t understand how anyone would want to work any other way!

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