Acute Nausea

Female patient, age 52 Called into clinic with acute problem.

20130125-114718The previous evening had partaken of a bowl of new potatoes. Within an hour had begun to feel nauseous. A sense of pressure developed in the upper stomach area. The nausea was accompanied by a desire to burp to relieve the pressure but felt the burp itself would only come halfway up the throat leaving a burning sensation and no relief. Patient had much increased saliva and felt “deathly” and was really uncomfortable.  Said colic pains had started and desired to stool as well as burp but unable to.

Had taken Nux Vomica 30c during the night and it had done nothing.

Over to you.

4 responses to “Acute Nausea

  1. Hi Gary
    First finding and then choosing the correct rubric(s) is often a challenge for me. Here’s what I came up with.

    rep: aggravations, food and drink, potatoes amelioration, eructations amelioration, stool, after mouth, saliva, increased

    mm: sep am-m

    rx- sep


  2. I used:
    Eructation, rising up (ineffectual reflux) (347)
    Mouth, saliva increased (269)
    Aggr, food and drinks, Potatoes (2378)

    Gave Veratrim and Alumia as the 2 to consider.

    Read both in Hahnemann.
    Alumina has the aggr from potatoes strongly, the ineffectual eructation , and veratrim does not. So Alumina.

  3. Nausea, faintness with, Aggravation, eructation
    Sensations and complaints, Generalities, Stitching, Tensive (sensation of tighness)
    remedy: kali c

  4. worse potatoes; colicky pains; a bursting sensation in stomach with heartburn plus not being able to have stools inspite of urging = sep and verat.
    Taking in account the ineffectual eructations (but is this TPB-rubric 347 really what she says??? I am not sure…) the decision is verat. Looking up CK and MMP, the violent form of having an upset stomach seems more verat than sep.

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