Case taking thoughts.

A symptom, singular, is considered completed:

  • when the origin is discovered (if possible)
  • it progression,
  • its modifying factors of aggravation and amelioration,
  • its nature,
  • the type of disruption experienced by the patient,
  • the intensity of the pain,
  • how it impedes other functions.

In treating Acute disease states:

  • Always treat the complete symptom picture if they all came on together in a relatively short time, BUT take the presenting main symptoms uppermost as prescribing symptoms.

In treating Chronic cases:

  • Always treat the latest and present symptoms appearing as the most indicative for prescribing, even when sometimes they seem insignificant.
  • Older symptoms, present for a long time but not prominent, can be used as ‘confirmatory’ of the prescription based as above.
  • All symptoms experienced by the patient, if written down in order of appearance, can give a progression of the disease state, and usually with careful prescribing will reverse back layer by layer from latest to oldest symptoms appearing.


  • Prescribe on the known symptoms of a disease.


  • Prescribe on the disease that the patient is exhibiting.

Homoeopathic treatment usually fails when:

  • A maintaining cause is allowed to remain in place.
  • This could be of a physical nature, or of a mental nature.
  • Examine carefully.

This is one of my observations:

  • If a treated disorder moves from the internal to the external to the skin, ie a rash, a weeping ailment, an ulcer, it is indicative that the immune response is trying to clear the problem.
  • Be careful and frugal in prescribing. Follow the symptoms carefully and prescribe only when it appears to be slowing or “stuck”.

The whole aim of prescribing any medicine is to give aid to a failing organism that lacks a curative response.

Once it is underway, symptoms that require the action of similia WILL become obvious to the keen eye of the prescriber. The body WILL throw them up in an attempt to self cure, but will sometimes lack the ability to do so. That is when we prescribe for that symptom or state, guided solely by them.

3 responses to “Case taking thoughts.

  1. I’m so grateful for all these postings. Great lessons, very clear and helpful. Many thanks! I hope more people will try the cases and post how they arrived at whatever remedies they chose. I learn so much each time, more from my mistakes (of which there are many!) than from the ones I get right.

  2. I agree totally with Ed´s opinion. But I still have one question: What is the exact meaning of “nature of disease/nature of a symptom”? Does it concern pognosis – like ´what can be cured in insuline-dependent diabetes?´ where cells are fatally damaged or does it have another meaning?

  3. The natural history of disease refers to a description of the uninterrupted progression of a disease in an individual from the moment of exposure to causal agents until recovery or death.

    The nature of a symptom refers to its genesis, its progression and its exhibited state. ie, a patient always get a chill after sweating with mild fever that started after getting feet wet. Also to consider is if the symptom is part of the progressive known disease state and heading for further pathological changes. It also is an indicator to the observing physician if it is peculiar to the diseas per se.. or peculiar as a symptom of the patient.

    as homoeopathic physicians, we do not ignore the known pathology of a disease state. We use it for prognosis and an idea of where and what the likely path of disorder will travel to.. Within the sphere of this knowledge, we seek out the personal exhibited disease picture that the patient presents.

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