Homeopathy the Therapy.

Homeopathic medicine, the THERAPY as defined and delineated by Samuel Hahnemann, is a thoroughly tested application of the law of Similars. For those of us who have put time into research, and followed the logic and seen reproducible results time and time again, it is a little sad when we receive mail from people who claim the rank and position of a homoeopath for many years and yet have no foundation or basis for belief in what they do.


I could have written your reply for you it was so predictable. Are you aware of how many weird ways of using homeopathic remedies there are whose proponents would say “Its researched applied application of a principle that has been tested and tried and categorized into a system that works.” It is impossible for them all to be correct as their methods so often contradict each other. So what makes you more right then anyone else? How many ways of using remedies have you put to a proper scientific test? Thais my point. You can shout all you like about being the guardian of the truth and spout all the book learned philosophy you like, but your “nonsense” response only confirms what I said about religion-like belief rather than open minded investigation and questioning. Im honest enough to say there is a lot I dont know about the workings of homeopathy. Thats not because Im an inferior practitioner as you are suggesting, its because I have spent 3 decades thinking very deeply about the subject and still have a lot of unanswered questions. For many homeopaths the possibility that they may not be the owners of the ‘truth’ is too scary to even consider so they just get angry and defensive in conversations like this. I dont expect any different from you but it is quite sad really.

There is a whole mess of thinking that is based on the hidden interior of mans inabilty to ‘explain things’ so reference is made from the ‘spiritual world’ like dreams, visions, divine revelation, mystic rituals etc, which takes a complex issue and puts it into the realm of old time-folk wisdom. It demystifies the unknown into acceptable pockets of comprehension but uses all the complexity of esoteric analogies and delusions to leave a person with “an answer”

Sadly all that has happened is that an individual is left with the firm conviction of his or her own uselessness and inability to think through the issue because it of the futility of doing so.

This type of thinking is so evident in areas of “alternative” health care and most people abandon any scientific approach to resolving key questions and go circular in their reasons with the statement “nobody knows’.

To help those lost in the fog of  this type of thinking, we need to take a firm grasp of reality and enumerate what we do know about the practice of Homoeopathy.

  • Homoeopathy is a principle. A Law of nature.
  • Homoeopathy the therapy, is ONE application of the law utilising the methodology of ascertaining knowledge of symptoms produced by substances, and applying those substances to match symptoms in the patients exhibited disease state.
  • It is a researched, accurate and tested method of applying the law of similars in a controlled and reproducible manner.
  • The matching of symptoms is done based on observable parameters and NOT on any quasi religious or spiritual lack of knowledge.

We are not owners of truth. We are observers of facts. We as practitioners of homoeopathy the therapy as defined, see the conditions and results of the medical application of minute doses on the patient, and can KNOW the progression of the curative response from all the work done prior to us, by all those thousands and thousands of similar conditions aided by symptom matching in a prescribed and logical manner. We have a confidence in THIS application of the medicines, based on sound rationale experimentation and conclusions.

We as practitioners of homeopathy the therapy, have spent many years examining the writings and continually putting the methodology up to the light and testing it against modern medical knowledge.

Also we have noted that ALL current methods of the application of homeopathic medicine, have been tested at one time or other by Hahnemann and rejected for sound logical and critiqued reasons.

Homeopathy the therapy as defined, has worked for a long time. Its a simple process that has been negated by those seeking fame and fortune and in introducing new methodology, it is attributed to them personally.  (strangely based on the criteria of mystical thinking in its application).

The writer stated:

Im honest enough to say there is a lot I dont know about the workings of homeopathy…….. its because I have spent 3 decades thinking very deeply abut the subject and still have a lot of unanswered questions.”

And we at the I.H.M. concur. You need to go read the Organon and Chronic Diseases thoroughly and study deeply.

None of here would have abandoned modern medical application of therapeutics (the drugs) unless we were convinced totally about homoeopathy the therapy, and then WORKED with it to get repeatable and reproducible results every time. We have no doubts about that, and we know that in following the protocol, it works BETTER than any other speculative method out there.

finally, in being ONE METHOD of applying the principle, it stands alone as being defined in its methodology. It cannot be accurately reproduced any other way.

One response to “Homeopathy the Therapy.

  1. Yes, I agree with what you have said and yet there are others who are allopathic doctors who condemn homeopathy. I was hospitalised several years ago and listened to a Specialist poo poo homeopathy and to him I said ‘The reason you are against homeopathy is because your philosophy is too narrow’ He looked startled turned on his heel and walked away and never came near me again.

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