Interesting Case for solving.

Female age 50.

Presented with Neck and back problems. turning head sideways was very painful, back was tense down to lower back , shoulder pain down to both Scapulae. Manipulation gave relief for a few weeks but is a recurrent theme. Gets headache traveling up neck to temples when severe

History: Patient had hysterectomy age 28. (Fibroids and intense pain.) Urinates a lot and takes medication to control the urging. Has been taking hormones since hysterectomy. Pretty even disposition, get irritable only when in pain or if hormones run out.

Other symptoms, Patient cannot help but to fall asleep within minutes if traveling in a vehicle. One other thing I noted is that patient does not perspire much even in intense heat.

That is the case. It was a difficult one. The first medicine I gave did not work.

See which are prescribing symptoms, and which are confirmatory, and which are not symptoms of the case at all.

3 responses to “Interesting Case for solving.

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  2. rep
    back, back in general
    internal head, temples
    sensations, tension, in muscles
    skin, inactivity
    sleep, sleepiness, caused by various things
    micturition, too frequent
    agg, turning head
    agg, climacteric, during

    allen’s TPB
    hering’s Guiding Symptoms
    rx Lach

  3. This case is tricky, and we have only very few usable symptoms. Just a few thoughts – I am still far from deciding on the remedy.
    Frequent urination is often originated by hysterectomy, so I would not use it. Then, this woman has suppressed menses – when she runs out of hormones, she gets irritable, so that is her true feeling.
    Fibroids are solid tumors, and I found Conium in Hahnemanns Chronic diseases having backpain extending downwards after suppressed menses.
    The sleepiness in vehicles doesn´t appear in classical literature, but in daily life: What do parents do with tired children, when they won´t sleep? They drive them around…So maybe it is not as special as I thought first.

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