dont forget to try this case

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One response to “dont forget to try this case

  1. I’m finding this very difficult. The prescribing sxs seemed to me to be:

    Aggr turning the head 2483
    Urging to urinate 437
    Falls asleep riding in vehicle 1948 plus 2284
    Lack of perspiration 1346

    this didn’t narrow it down enough to me.

    i thought the falling asleep in the car was worth looking at, but after reading and searching the MM I couldn’t find anything exactly like that sx in sulph kali c or cocc or sepia.

    I added in the other sxs,

    Uterus 502
    Irritablle 7

    sulph and sepia came out on top.

    I read both, but sepia seems to “feel” better. so I would have given sepia.

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