A View on disease, vacination and health

We present some writings of one practitioner and his view on the topics in the Title.

David Little.
I am an American who has practiced in the USA and India for many, many years. First of all, so many children die young in India under bad hygienic conditions and infectious disease that only those with a strong resistance even make it too five years old. People living in unhygienic conditions on bad food do NOT live a healthy life. There is no doubt that those areas in India with better hygiene and living conditions are MUCH more healthy than those that live in dirty conditions on poor nutrition, etc.. I have seen the difference first hand though my world wide travels. Many of the rich are not that healthy because they abuse themselves with too much of everything. One cannot get too carried away with the idea that poor people living in squalor are healthier than those that have better living conditions. This an exaggeration of an observation that does possess some merit.

There is no doubt that the revolution in hygiene and food storage reduces the spread of infectious diseases. This is true during the 18th and 19th century in the West. I have seen changes in villages in India over the past 25 years due to the use of clean water, toilets and the safe removed of waste. The people are healthier and happier. Children in the poor districts of Calcutta are not healthy. They are dirty, sick and hungry. Some have been so damage in the first five years by poverty, infectious diseases and malnutrition that do not heal quickly. I have seen them firsthand. Those who live in the country side, and are not too poor, are much better off.. There is a balance in health and harm in excesses.

Nevertheless, the excessive use of antiseptics, chemically treated and fluoridated water, over immunizations, the abuse of antibiotics, fungicides and steroids, etc., has had a serious impact on the immune system in what I will called “over developed countries”. An increase in allergies, asthma and some other diseases has been linked to “excessive hygiene” in Western countries! Excessive (might I say anal retentive) hygiene has removed so many of the relatively harmless bacteria, mites, fungi, etc., that the immune system suffers from *lack of exposure* in the early years. This is the conclusion of many scientific studies.

When excessive hygiene is combined with the abuse of antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals, etc., and over immunization the outcome is a weaken immune system and faulty reactions. This contributes to the inner and outer suppression of the acute, half acute and chronic miasms as well toxcity. This syndrome produces two extremes of reactions, i.e, over sensitivity leading to autoimmune diseases and allergies and hypersensitive leading to immunoeficiency disorders. This is making people harder to treat with homeopathy because our remedies work by the action-reaction model based on the vital force. When more persons over reactive or under reactive our job becomes more difficult.

Those who still live in the countryside and are exposed to normal parasitical pathogens actually suffer less of these modern problems. This is also the conclusion of several scientific reports. The immune system is supposed to learn how to fight diseases not have everything killed for it. When one combines todays tendency to *excessive* hygiene, over immunization, the abuse of antibiotics and other drugs with environmental degradation, over urbanizations, over population, etc., the outcome is faulty adaption, lack of resistance and idiosyncratic reactions.

Since the end of WW II there has been a radical increase in population, urbanization, and the number of persons working indoors in factories and offices in western countries. This is combined with the break down of the multi-generation families and the increase in nuclear families where both parents work. The increase in the pace of modern life, and the stress and strain associated with it, has had a great effect on the psyche and soma of people in the 1st world. it!

People are now so divorced from nature that many are suffering what may be called diseases of over civilization. This comes with an increase in obsessive compulsive, hysterical, hypochondriacal and anxiety neurosis as well as paranoid diseases and mood affective disorders like mania, manic-depression, melancholia. The outcomes is an increase in premature dementia, suicidal states, homicidal states, criminal insanity, sex crimes, psychosis and schizophrenia. In general Indians are more tolerant and contented than westerners because they have to be more adaptive. Many westerners act like little more than spoiled children who do not know how well they have it and cannot be satisfied by anything. This is true both mentally and physically.

The answer to the effects of all this modern stress is more drugs and suppression! Children raised in the new “rat race” are increasing put on psychoactive chemicals which suppress the natural reaction of the unconscious to negative situations without any real attempt at problems solving. Teenagers suffering from the effects of normal adolescent changes are put on drugs rather than giving support and counseling. Adults are increasing using psychoactive chemicals as suggested by so-called “consumer advocacy groups” which are supported by drug companies. People are given questionnaires that make it seem like everyone needs to take psychoactive drugs! Now they speak of “life enhancement” through these chemical which is little more than legal recreational drug pushing. General practitioners are giving massive amounts of these drugs to a greater number of patients with no psychological intervention. The entire Western culture is breaking down under the onslaught of the multi-national drug companies and their control of the environment, the inner terrain of the body and the psyche.

People cannot stand their governments and governments cannot stand their people.Children cannot stand their parents and parents cannot stand their children. Men cannot stand women and women can not stand men. Old people cannot stand young people and young people cannot stand old people. The middle age persons are dissatisfied and view the future with dread. Families, societies and the entire nations are suffering from ethical, psychical, and physical breakdown and this collective psychoses is increasing. Add to this the so-called war on terrorism and we have an increase in fear, paranoia, alienation, false nationalism, racism and religious and cultural prejudice. In the mean time the military industrial complex is thriving. All of this is having a dramatic effect on the psychological and physical health of millions.

This decline of humanity is reached epidemic proportions in Western countries and getting worse in counties that take on rapid westernization. I have only pointed out a few angles of what is increasingly become group suppression of the body’s needs, group hysteria and group psychoses. What is really interesting about this is that it was all predicted by Samuel Hahnemann in the introduction to the Organon!!! The Founder wrote:

“As long has humanity has existed, people have been exposed, individually and collectively, to illnesses of physical and moral causes. In the raw state of nature few means were needed, since the simple way of life admitted but few diseases. With civilization, however, the occasions for falling ill, and the need for help against diseases grew in equal measure. From then on (from after Hippocrates therefore for two thousand years) people have occupied themselves with the testament of ever more self-multiplying diseases. In the puzzling out how to help, using intellect and presumptions, they allowed themselves to be seduced by their vanity. Countless different view about the nature of disease and their redress sprang from so many very different heads.”

As long as humanity has existed people have been exposed both individually and collectively to illness of mental and physical causes. This statement implies has a dual nature, i.e., the collective and individual as well as the psychic and somatic. We suffers both individually and well as collectively from mental and psychical causes. When human beings lived in harmony with nature they suffer a less complicated state but with the advent of civilization they now suffer from a host of every multiplying diseases of a more and more complex nature. These symptoms have been met with new drugs, suppression and unnecessary surgeries which only produce more troublesome mutations of increasing destructive powers. I call this Hahnemann’s Genesis because it deals with the “fall of humanity”.

Many of these conditions are now called “diseases of civilization” because they have reached massive proportions in Westernized countries and are increasing in counties taking on rapid westernization. These are based on the suppression to the environment by the excessive use of antiseptics, pest control and herbicides with the internal suppression of all infections with antibiotics, antiviral, fungicides and vermifuges as well as over immunization one witnesses an increasing damage to immune system and an increase of chronic degenerative diseases. Now we have over population, over urbanization, ]chemical, nuclear and electromagnetic pollution and climate change on the outside and suppression, chemical toxins, faulty adaptation and ethical and mental degeneration on the inside. With it has come the decline of the family, of long term relationships and social responsibility. There is a desecration of civilization individually and collectively that is reaching serious pathological proportions that threaten the survival of the human race.

My dear homoeopaths, what we are facing today is of apocalyptic proportions. The modern epidemic of over and under reaction as well as idiosyncratic responses is just one more reason to learn Hahnemann’s advanced techniques and the methods of adjusting the dose and repetitions of the C and LM potency when needed. We must prove more remedies in the traditional manner and make a deeper study of individual and collective causes. It is one more reason to study the effects of drugs, suppression and the miasms. It is one more reason to assess the attending circumstances like constitution, temperament, predisposition, lifestyle, habits, occupational hazards as well as personal and social relationships. It is one more reason to come to terms with poisonings by chemicals. It is one more reason to study the long term affects of occasioning and continual maintaining causes that cannot be avoided. It is one more reason to pray and work for humanity as a whole.

The first subject I will take up is vaccination in general and then raising conceiving and raising children in particular. Without healthy, happier children tomorrow will not be a better world. As I reach later middle age and face old age I know that my work on this earth will someday be finished. At this stage of life what we leave behind becomes a more important issue and legacy a more important word. If we have any real legacy it is what we have done for others. This work starts at home and then spreads to the society and the entire global village.
The idea behind immunizations is based on similar substances in that the original substance has been modified so that it is not exactly the same as the natural infection. Hahnemann supported vaccination although his casebooks show that he sometimes treated the acute side effects of vaccination. He knew vaccination could cause problems and even suggested methods for reducing the risk. He felt that this method was homoeopathic and that other preventative remedies might be found in a similar manner,. Hahnemann observation was that vaccination had reduced the virulency and epidemic of smallpox. He thought, in his time and place, that the risk versus benefit ratio was in favor of vaccination. These are the historical facts so we best not ignore them based on our personal feelings.

It was Wolf and Boenninghausen who first spoke out strongly about the long term side effects of smallpox vaccination. Then Boenninghausen introduced Thuja as a curative as well as preventative remedy for the miasm. This was quickly followed by the use of Variolinum based on Hering’s experiments with nosodes. The smallpox nosode was used with great success in the USA during epidemics. There is ample documentation on this subject. The complications associated with the homeopathic campaigns were minimal and were mostly aggravations cause the dose and potency. The homeopathic method seems to have faired better than the orthodox vaccinations. So for smallpox, at least, we do have some statistical and clinic data that shows he nosodes work well. There are quite a few promising studies and even a few laboratory confirmations of immune reactions. Homoeopathic prophylaxis has worked well in the field over the last 162 years since Hahnemann passed away.

Orthodox immunization is similar in theory to the idea of nosode prophylaxis but the size of the dose and the tendency to mix several diseases together increases the danger associated with the method. The injection of larges doses of mixtures of miasms at the same time is very questionable because it is so unnatural. The immune system is not designed to be exposed to so many differing acute and chronic miasms in the first five years of life. There is also the danger of contamination which chemicals and other viruses.So what we have is the right idea being done in the wrong manner. This is what I call “over-immunization”. Too much of too many things too fast. In the end one ends up with so many dissimilar miasms affect the vital force that they form dissimilar layers that can only repress one another or form complex diseases but never cure each other.

The continual production of antibodies for so many dissimilar diseases so fast can cause the immune system to attack its own tissue producing vaccine related autoimmune disorders that appear as many different diseases not related to immunization. The exact nature of the final form of the vaccinosis is based on the heredity, constitution, temperament and predispositions of the individual as well as the nature of the iatrogenic miasm. The individualized nature of the reactions makes it almost impossible to related all the potential disorders by a simple 1+1= 2 linear causation. For this reason, only the grossest side-effects that take place more quickly are ever recorded. The rest is ignored or considered new diseases.

Now we come to the risk versus benefit of orthodox immunizations. Some say that all vaccinations do not work but this is too sweeping of a statement. Yes, studies show that certain vaccinations do not work very well if at all. For example, WHO did a massive study of BCG in India and found that it had no real effect on infection rates. Risk yes – cost yes- benefit no! An MD (who is using more and more homeopathy) told me that in his young years he saw lots of tetanus but he no longer sees it much these days. At the same time, he told that DPT does not seem to have reduced the incidents of whooping cough and many immunized children still get the disease. This was his unprejudiced observation over the last 30 years. At the same time, this shot is known cause serious complications in quite a few children. So what is the risk and what are the benefits? Should everyone get the shot now because someday they “might” need it? If one gets a deep puncture wound or serous laceration tetanus anti-toxin shots are available at the time. Ledum and Hypericum offer an alternative even then.

I once had a discussion with a pediatrician.about giving new born babies hepatitis B shots in the first day of their lives. I ask him what are the transmission vectors. He said the most common vectors were drug addicts sharing needles and sexual intercourse. Then I ask him what were the chances of a new born baby shooting drugs or having sex? He said “none”. Then I ask him why give them this immunization so close to birth when they did not need it? He was lost for words. He was stuck in the system and forced to follow standard practice.

They should not *over immunize* children for more and more disease every year as if there is no limited to what the human organism can tolerate. At first it causes a boast of specific antibodies but then it exhausts the immune system because it is not natural to be exposed to so many diseases at time. They may or may not get the disease the vaccination was given for but they do become more susceptible to host of other diseases. They should only give immunizations to those diseases that present a clear and present danger. They should only give one immunization at a time and then wait and watch the child’s health. They should not vaccinate children who an unhealthy or ill at the time. Each case should be individualized according to the patient, time and circumstances. If the orthodox school just followed these simple parameters the amount of complications would be reduced. What they are doing lacks common sense as well as medical prudence and is more about the assembly line production and money than health.

Now let us look at Nature’s Way. Why? Because if are going to find a better method than the orthodox mechanistic approach we must know what is natural first. The immature immune system is supposed to be strengthened through the parent’s genes, exposure the mother’s blood and fluids in the womb and by breast feeling. Breast milk increases the resistance to infection and helps strengthen the growing immune system. Exposure in the post-natal word to relative harmless microorganisms continues to develop the resistance and adaption of the growing infant further.

As the child starts to eat solid food the intestinal flora is developed so that there is a healthy balance of positive and so-called negative bacteria, fungi and parasites. If the internal terrain is balanced the potentially pathological microorganisms are harmless and the process further increases resistance and adaption. These are important phases of living on the earth. Bacteria-phobia is one of the reasons for the excessive use of antiseptics and chemical soaps has lead to the derangement of the system of mass defense leading to an increase of allergenic disorders. We can not live a healthy life without the millions of microorganisms that live within the human organism and surround us in life.

Life is a twin process of adaption or learning to live with relatively harmless microorganism and gaining resistance to those which have pathogenic potential. As long as the internal terrain is not unnaturally deranged the human organism is ready, willing and able to strike up a healthy balance in its internal medium. When there is a balance of learning to adapted to that which is not really a threat and learning to resist that which is a danger the individual heathy. If the internal terrain is unbalanced by immunizations, antibiotics, fungicides and chemicals the same relatively harmless microorganisms become out of balance and become extremely pathological.

On top of this natural resistance the growing infant must eat a good diet, feel loved and appreciated, and get enough exposure to the Nature’s elements to continue to evolve into its new environment. When such a child begin to socialize they are expose to the common acute miasms this is another chance to strengthen its system of mass defense. This is a natural immunization, which will make the child more resistance to all similar acute diseases and may even cure the predigestions to certain similar chronic disorders. In such a child their natural vitality and the acquired resistance is usually sufficient so that there are no complications.

This is the ideal situation not a reality for each and every child even in the natural world. Heredity, constitution, temperament and predisposition combined with environmental factors are leading factors. Some children are born with notable weaknesses, susceptibilities and lack of vitality. They are always at a higher risk to suffering acute and chronic miasmic infections and prone to complications. These children need special attention until they overcome there innate disabilities and reach a point of sufficient resistance, adaptation and vitality. Unfortunately, those with compromised health are the most at risk of side effects from orthodox immunization. It is a vicious circle.

5 responses to “A View on disease, vacination and health

  1. Errol Klinkerfuss

    I don’t have enough experience to make a judgement on the lack of reaction, over-reaction, idiosyncratic reaction problem he mentions in this long article. In my opinion, a lot of complaints like this seem to be an indication of poor prescribing, or the lack of knowledge of the true method. I don’t know how competent the writer is as a prescriber in order to make a judgement there. its not hard to pile up an extremely pessimistic picture of the state of humanity, but is it realistic? He makes many valid points it seems, but how does your experience tally with what he observes? And, assuming there are any other interested people out there in cyberspace, what are your opinions?

  2. There are a lot of typos and omissions in this article. It makes it hard to understand at times. I’m hesitant about anyone who talks about miasms, as this topic is all theory and conjecture that is unnecessary to the practice of real homeopathy.

  3. Giancarlo Boldini

    A very pessimistic view of humanity’s desperate state. But does have some points. I know that the writer has written extensively on LM potencies Hahnemann late methods, but do we need to go beyond the 6th Edition of Organon to grasp the method? Why all volumes of writing, when it’s all there in Organon?

  4. Why was this article posted?

    • Hi Ed
      I have found that we have a large number of readers of this blog and few commentators. I no longer know what the profession thinks or believes or have found to be valid in practice.
      It is my hope and wish that practitioners state agreement or objection with other practitioners views and cite reasons for doing so. It seems that this too is a forlorn hope.

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