Tabes Dorsalis. A Boenninghausen case. Follow up chat1

We received a couple of emails asking what the remedy prescribed was. We responded to one and asked what their selection was.

“……… I didnt repertorize it. It would take far too long and our methods of obtaining the remedy are so different. There are not enough mental symptoms in the case for a clear prescription. I just want to know what the XXXXX is.”

Firstly, this is not one of my cases, or any of the I.H.M. members cases. This is from Hahnemanns acknowledged favourite student and colleague, Dr Boenninghausen. This is as close to having Hahnemann take a case personally as anyone can get.

There are many reasons for posting this case. We would welcome your comments on any aspect that strikes you as a practitioner, and would like to remind you that we also have a discussion board with the case posted.

Feel free to post in Italian Spanish English Hebrew and German.



One response to “Tabes Dorsalis. A Boenninghausen case. Follow up chat1

  1. Band Hoop around it sensation 777
    Aggr beginning of motion 2221
    aggr speaking 2638
    Staggering walk 1111
    aggr in darkness 2254

    These were the sxs I took to be most important and conium is the top remedy. Conium produces paralysis and numbness from below up, similar to the disease the patient had. Maybe the last 2 sxs are too common to tabies dorsalis to use, I don’t know. I would have given conium.

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