Head Injury-Boenninghausen case.

We would urge you to follow the case with  your repertory and try and work out the logic of the prescription.

The Boenninghausen Diaries. Vol. 81, p. 151.

Wilhelm A., a young farmer, 24 years old, had fallen from a wagon half a year ago, and had lit on his head.

  • Since that time he has suffered from violent pains in the chest, whenever he pressed on his chest, or made a greater exertion; worse in the evening and morning on beginning work, also while lying quietly in bed; relieved by working slowly.
  • For eight years he has had a cough, attended in the morning with copious expectoration of sweetish taste.
  • Much perspiration especially while working in the morning, but not in bed. Feet perspire constantly.
  • Better in the open air.
  • Many things had been used, also domestic remedies, without result.

Please note: The I.H.M. would like to furnish an apology for errors made in presenting this case regarding the dosing given to the patient by Boenninghausen. We have the original German copy of the work, and for some reason or other, a spurious translation in English was attached to the file. We have now removed the English copy and will retranslate the entire work again to avoid future errors.

Thanks to Homoeopath Christine Wittenburg of Spain who queried the dosing method, and we were able to correct the information we originally presented regarding the dosing.

The amended.corrected dosing is below.

Jan. 20, 1852.

  •  Arnica 200. One Dose.
  • 5 days later Sac Lac.
  • 5 days later One Dose of Pulsatilla 200c.
  • On Feb 9th there was a considerable improvement in all symptoms, but he was not yet quite restored.
  • So I gave him Calcarea carb. 200.
  • On March 2, everything was cured, also the cough, and since then the patient has been in good health.

2 responses to “Head Injury-Boenninghausen case.

  1. I’m not sure the arnica was necessary, as the sxs that resulted from the head injury point to puls. But I think he gave it to clear any issues from the injury, then gave the puls based on the sxs resulting from the injury because arnica didn’t cover them, then as the case wasn’t cured, he used the older sxs and gave calc carb to stir a deeper response.

    Aggr injuries falls 2681= Arn

    aggr evening 2164
    aggr motion, beginning of 2221
    amel motion continued 2766
    aggr from touch 2218
    aggr lyin, bed in 2506

    = Puls.

    Cough, expect taste sweet 642
    aggr time morning 2161
    aggr exertion, physical 2182
    fever, persp single parts 2078
    loser extrem foot 119

    i didn’t use better open air, because I couldn’t tell what was better. = calc carb

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