Sailors Fever.

Yes you can look for the answer in The writings of Boenninghausen, or you can repertorise it yourself and learn something that will be of benefit for a life time.

Merchant Ph. M., thirty years of age:

   had caught a cold last winter while travelling; he did not at first pay any attention to it, but the increasing ailments demanded medical assistance. Treatment by an allopath had remained without effect; in fact, during this treatment, lasting three months, nearly all the symptoms had grown considerably worse, so that now, as is so frequently done, the homoeopath was called on for aid.

The following symptoms formed the image of the disease:

  • For the last three to four weeks there has been a hollow, dry cough with hoarseness and much toughness in the larynx,
  • most violent during the night.
  • Constriction of the chest with stitches in the left side while lying on that side.
  • Internal heat, without thirst.
  • Severe exhausting perspirations.
  • Striking timidity.
  • Great drowsiness, but restless sleep,
  • waking up frequently,while an internal anxiety prevents his going to sleep again.
  • The face pale and collapsed, with a circumscribed redness of the cheeks.
  • Pressure in the stomach after eating,
  • especially after milk, often with vomiting, first of the ingesta and then of gall.
  • Augmented, watery urine.
  • Extraordinary emaciation.
  • He prefers warmth, and it agrees best with him.
  • He feels better in moderate motion than in continuous rest.
  • He had never been unwell much, and had never been actually sick. He could take a deep breath without any trouble, and frequently he felt impelled thereto

I could not find out anything about the allopathic remedies which he had used.After careful consideration and a protracted comparison of all the symptoms present with our Materia Medica, every homoeopath will agree with me that Phosphorus seemed most indicated of all the remedies, and this so decidedly that none of the other remedies could at all compete with it.

I therefore, felt no hesitation at all to give to the patient my usual dose (a high potency) of this very efficient remedy, and to direct its administration in the usual manner (dissolved in water), recommending to him the usual diet, and directing him to report to me in person in two weeks.

But I was cruelly and painfully disappointed when the patient after this period appeared before me, for he was not improved in any respect; on the contrary, his sickly appearance and the threatening redness of the cheeks had increased and the feverish symptoms had been suspiciously augmented. In the meantime the remedy had been used exactly according to my directions, and nothing had been overlooked either in diet or in his mode of life.

What then had been the reason of my total failure? Under such circumstances the only reason could be the defective or incorrect examination of the symptoms, so I went over them again carefully,one by one.

The mistake then appeared in the feverish symptoms, which were only superficially indicated, and which in the patient had a unsual and, therefore, unrecognized form, which was at the same time very characteristic.

  • For while sleeping he was suffering  continually from a dry, burning heat,
  • which on his waking up immediately passed into a very profuse perspiration, which continued without interruption while he was awake,
  • until he fell asleep again, when at once the dry heat reappeared.

Thus the conundrum was solved. This symptom is found only in XXXXX while in Phosphorus just the opposite is found. Since all the other symptoms coincided my patient received at once a dose of the high potency I usually employ, and the result was then so complete that in two weeks he was freed from all his ailments and felt as well as ever before

4 responses to “Sailors Fever.

  1. Dry cough 598
    Aggr night 2165
    aggr perspiration during 2605
    aggr milk 2385
    amel warmth in general 2920
    hoarseness 652
    constriction 1200
    aggr lying on painful side 2511
    fever heat internal 2056
    fever heat thirstlessness 2065
    aggr eating after 2280
    emaciation 738
    face pale 213
    face red circumscribed cheeks 233
    sleep restless 1959

    Even with all these sxs, Phos is in the top 3 remedies. Ars #1, Phos #2, Chin #3. Phos isn’t ni the rubric, Anxiety felt in body 753, so if you use that sx it pushes phos way down. Also phos is only a one in > motion 2765. Using the list above phos is very evenly graded all 3s and 4s and only two 2s, > warmth and heat without thirst. I’m uncertain what 3 or 4 sxs would be the main ones to use to narrow it down.

    But the remedy wasn’t phos. The rubrics I used from the clearer picture of the heat and perspiration were:

    Fever heat dry 2062
    Aggr during sleep 2582
    Fever, perspiration 2077
    Amel in sleep 2886
    Aggr after sleep 2583

    Sambucus nigra was #1 and am-m #2. I found under samb in Hahnemann MMP this sx:

    Great perspiration, without thirst, when lying awake from 7pm til 1 am; the drops stood on his face and also sweated all over, but after sleeping he was more hot than perspiring, but still without thirst.

    this remedy seems to be the only one with this kind of fever and perspiration , but if you look at the rest of the patient’s sxs, it doesn’t cover the cough, in the proving anyway, but in Allen’s handbook the cough is listed. This sx must be from Boenninghausen’s clinical experience.

    However it does cover the restless sleep, sleepiness without sleep, the anxiety in sleep, the timidity possibly, “starting up in fright at things which he is accustomed to have around him” Also, red spots on the cheeks, hoarseness from viscid phlegm in the larynx, constriction or “clutching together” in the chest, most of the sufferings come on at rest, and go off by movement. So, I would feel confident in giving Sambucus nigra as the second remedy.

  2. Wow! That Ed Nunnery seems to be the last word in homeopathy.

  3. I mean every case he comments on, there seems to be no further comment on…

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