Why EVERYTHING has to be researched and checked.

March, 1833, Dr Boenninghausen:

I was attacked with ileus [an obstruction of the bowel accompanied with colic pains]. The seat of the painful trouble was in the right lower part of the abdomen (typhylitis) [i.e., appendicitis]. The disease lasted two weeks. In the middle of the fourteenth night, which was one of unspeakable torment, I had the luck to hit upon the right remedy myself, one never before given in this disease. It was Thuj. and the symptom leading to it, sweat only on uncovered parts, while covered parts were dry and hot. One globule Thuj. 30 relieved the pain in five minutes; after ten minutes, a copious stool, followed by sound sleep from which I awoke next morning feeling as if newborn. Con. and Lyc. completed the cure.

This was an English translation I picked up on the web. I generally always do a check on the prescribing SX before posting……..

SX 566: As soon as he falls asleep at night an agreeable warm sweat breaks out on all the covered parts, which goes off an waking and this occurs frequently during the night. [Gss.]

So at some stage I need to go find the original German document and check it and see if a translation error has occured or something else. Perhaps if any German speaker has the original document they might quickly check for me….?

One response to “Why EVERYTHING has to be researched and checked.

  1. In “Versuch über die Verwandschaften…”, Bönninghausen writes under Thuja: Sweat only on uncovered parts of body, with dryness of the covered parts. Ok. Then I looked it up in an English translation of his minor writings by Tafel (Encyclopedia Homeopatica): Perspiration, either only on the covered or on the uncovered parts of the body.
    If you give me a hint from which article the above is translated, i can search in the original literature.

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