Who did they think they were? Who do they think they are?

Guest article by homoeopathic researcher Errol Klinkerfuss. U.S.A.

Samuel Hahnemann was an amazing man of great intellect and tireless industry. Besides being a physician, he was a renowned chemist who wrote almost seventy volumes on the subject.  A translator of English , French, Italian, Latin and Greek. A classical scholar and philologist, he had more than passing knowledge of botany, astronomy, meteorology, and geography. He proved 100 remedies on himself. Compiled The Materia Medica Pura and the Chronic Diseases. He  refined and developed a new and complete   system of medicine that he called homeopathy. The Organon, its manual of practice, went through 6 revised editions. This is only a part of what he accomplished. Who can he be compared to in the fields of medicine and science? No other man ever did as much as he did- creating a new science practically all by himself! And yet, why have so many people in the history of homeopathy felt that they knew more than he did about the science he developed?  It’s like a disease that follows homeopathy through time. From its earliest days, even while Hahnemann was still alive, arrogant, audacious  people  have distorted and deformed his science of homeopathy without  ever having learned how to properly practice it!
When you read about the contentious bickering and infighting from the early days of homeopathy to the present day, it makes one despair. But if you step back and look at who are  the most effective  homeopaths, it is always the people who humbly did  what Hahnemann said.    This proves he was right in insisting that people follow his method as closely as possible.  He had already made all the mistakes, corrected them, revised them, tested everything thoroughly. He spared no pains in his scientific research. This is why he said, “Do imitate me, but do it well and you shall see at each step the confirmation of my statements“. So why do so many feel they have to re-invent the wheel?
Boenninghausen is the name that towers over all through time. He is the most humble follower and the most able homeopath of all Hahnemann’s pupils. His writings and cases show a confidence and a calmness you rarely find in the homeopathic literature. His practice was like an island in the stormy seas  churned up by the warring  factions surrounding homeopathy.
There is a simple cure for all the strife and disagreements. With humility, learn to practice as exactly as possible like Hahnemann taught in the 6th edition of the Organon. Do that, and you will no longer be distracted by  presumptive, arrogant egotists who have never learned or cannot learn to “imitate him, and imitate him well.”

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