You Have The Right To Practice Any Occult You Like- But Don’t Say It Is Homeopathy!

Chandran K C

The entire post below is from Chandran K.C.





One senior homeopath friend commented on my discussions regarding ‘energy medicine theories of homeopathy. He Stated:

“In fact I treat my patients with energy medicine apart from Homoeopathy and magnetic therapy. Energy medicine is there and practiced from 4000 years and Homoeopathy is 250 years old. Study some more and learn to know before commenting on any subject. 4000 years back no labs, no trials, still medicine was being given in many ways and patients were being treated too. Just because you would not believe energy medicine, you cant call it funny and mock at it. Energy medicine is having its own value and such comments would not change its place in the Universe. Never think you can attack somebody like this and you do not have any right to discuss the unknown subject in the group.”

My friend is gravely mistaken. I am not discussing the “”value” or ‘efficacy’ of energy medicine. Nor its historical relevance. I am not interested in ‘knowing’ it. I would not question anybody’s right to practice ‘energy medicine’, ‘magnetotherapy’ or anything like that “apart” from homeopathy. It is up to you to decide what you should practice.

I was commenting on the widely propagated theory that “homeopathy is energy medicine”. In that case, it is a different matter. I did not criticize ‘reflexology’ per se; I criticized the method of selecting similimum using reflexology David Little talk about. I have nothing if anybody practice radionics or dowsing; but when somebody theorizes about using radionics machines to select homeopathic drugs, I have the right to comment. The age old occult practice using hair as as medium existed here since antiquity. I am not bothered. But when somebody talks about homeopathic drug transmission to distance through hair, and conducts courses and seminars for homeopaths on that topic, it becomes a matter of concern for every homeopath. I am not bothered about the ‘water memory’ theory of Emoto or Rustom Roy. But when a homeopath claims he writes name of homeopathic similimum on paper, keeps it under a glass of water to ‘charge’ it and treats his patients with that ‘charged water’, you should not expect me me to keep silent. When a reputed homeopathy claims he recorded the homeopathic drug information as mp3 file and cured AIDS by playing it to patients, you have no right to ask me to keep mum.

Anybody can practice any occults or woodoo as he like “apart” from homeopathy, if law permits a ‘physician’ to do so. I don’t bother. But when you make homeopathy “part” of your occult practices, and spin ‘ultra-scientific’ theories about homeopathy to justify such practices, I have the right to intervene and comment. I am bothered only about homeopathy- not about your ‘energy medicine’ or occults. You keep them “apart”, I will not “attack” you.

Whether anybody is practicing or propagating CAM, ENERGY MEDICINE, FAITH HEALING or anything else is not my concern. It is for the law-enforcing authorities to decide whether a HOMEOPATH registered under the provision of CCH Act is permitted to engage in such practices ‘along’ with homeopathy. I do not intend to comment on it. I am questioning the widely propagated theory that ‘homeopathy is energy medicine’. I am questioning the practice of ‘homeopathic occults’ such as homeopathic drug transmission through hair, homeopathic drug transmission through photographs, mp3 file transmission, selecting similimum by radionics machine, dowsing and reflexology, and such things which gravely damage the scientific credentials of homeopathy. I object only when you make homeopathy a PART of ‘energy medicine’. Homeopathy is purely a method of ‘drug therapy’- not energy medicine or spiritual healing. Homeopathy should be understood, explained and practiced a MEDICAL SCIENCE. Homeopaths should be scientific medical professionals.

Regarding my “right to discuss the unknown subject in the group”, I would like to reserve my comments for the time being, hoping not to spoil our friendship. I expect you would discuss only “known” subjects hereafter.

4 responses to “You Have The Right To Practice Any Occult You Like- But Don’t Say It Is Homeopathy!

  1. I am convinced that homeopathy is homeopathy and different from energy-medicine, which is what it is: something which is creeping-in in all therapeutic relationships. Are we – as practitioners – always aware what we are doing? Do we have any tools to discern the effect of our homeopathic prescriptions from our effect as a therapist? I don´t think so…And – by the way – I suppose that this therapist-effect is the only reason speculative (etc) homeopathy works in some patients. (“some” means a huge percentage, if you give credit to their publications). This is true for all sorts of therapies, being allopathy one amongst them. What I am really interested in is: How could we find out about the pure action of homeopathic prescriptions?

  2. What about prescriptions for unconscious patients, or animals and babies?Also Gallavardin treated several thousand alcoholics without their knowledge, based on the sxs provided by their wives, relatives or friends.
    Boenninghausen treated most patients from a distance by letter.

    If the article “Thoughts on Drug Delivery” is correct, then there are molecules of the original substance in our medicines and that would stop a lot of the energy medicine misconceptions.

  3. Sorry, I meant several hundred, 1,431 to be exact.

  4. Unconscious patients, farm-animals, alcoholics and even plants (Baumgartner) are ok as examples to demonstrate the action of potentized medicines to skeptics. But babies and pets are highly susceptible to their caregivers´ feelings. Being treated by the famous Dr. v. Bönninghausen, even by letter, might have positive side-effects on the mind of a patient.
    But what gives me the security of having made the right prescription? This is most clearly demonstrated when I first give one or two erroneous remedies without results, and only the following one removes the symptoms of the patient. Kaplan gives sacch-lac for some days, followed by the active remedy and carefully watches at which time amelioration/reaction starts, to decide if he was practicing “Energy-medicine” or homoeopathy.

    (Kaplan B. 2001, The homeopathic conversation. London: Natural medicine Press)

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