Thoughts on ‘Subtle Energy’ and The Vithoulkas model.

Dr Chandran K.C. is a person of uncompromising views. We present another article by him for consideration.

What ever sophisticated scientific vocabulary he uses, George Vithoulkas, considered by some homeopaths as a ‘living legend of homeopathy’, is basically a staunch proponent of the most unscientific ‘energy medicine’ theories about homeopathy, as demonstrated by his writings.

 According to Vithoulkas, what happens during potentization, by which medicinal properties of drug substances are transferred to potentizing medium? Did he ever explain it in scientific terms?

  According to Vithoulkas, what are the active principles of potentized drugs? Did he ever explain it in scientific terms?

  According to Vithoulkas, what is the biological mechanism of action of potentized drugs? Did he ever explain it in scientific terms?

  According to the NEW MODEL of Vithoulkas:

  “1. Unless we understand the functioning of the human organism in its subtle levels we cannot hope to unravel the laws and principles governing human intelligence, human emotionality and the human physical body as well as their interconnection and interdependence.

  2. Such universal laws should be searched for in an area far beyond the physico-chemical structure of the human body – this area, this realm that can be called a substratum of subtle formulative energies.”

  He is trying to explain the ” human intelligence, human emotionality and the human physical body as well as their interconnection and interdependence” using a concept of “subtle formulative energies”! He has all rights to do that, if he stop claiming he is talking SCIENCE! There is nothing scientific in his “subtle energy”. We have been hearing about this “subtle energy” from all sorts of occult practitioners and spiritual healers. Nobody can make homeopathy ‘scientific’, by talking theories of “subtle energy”.

   The specific statement “Epigrammatically I could say that the time for an Energy Medicine has arrived”, very clearly shows that George Vithoulkas is least interested in making homeopathy a SCIENTIFIC MEDICINE.

  See how the NEW MODEL of Vithoulkas defines DISEASE:

  “A disease (process of degeneration) will only take place if the vibrational frequencies of the stimulus (disease producing agent) and the organism (predispositions) coincide. Diseases are nothing else but the activation of the existing predispositions.”

  Did you notice? Disease happens only when “vibrational frequency” of “disease producing agent” COINCIDES with the “vibrational frequency” of “predispositions of organism”. For him, DISEASE is all about COINCIDING of “vibrational frequencies”!

  In his NEW MODEL, there is no role for biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, genetics or any such knowledge- only “subtle energy” that is “communicated principally through the smallest particle-energy bodies that have not been defined yet”!

 His views about the active principles of potentized drugs as ‘subtle energy’,  and his ‘new model’ for disease and cure based on ‘resonance’ are basically contradicting all the modern scientific knowledge system.

   It is very frustrating to see that he drags “prana, bioplasma, orgon, etc., etc.” into his NEW MODEL as a “substratum” for the activities of “subtle energy”, thereby alienating homeopathy completely away from the framework and paradigms of modern scientific knowledge system.

  Due to his obsession with the ‘resonace model’, he is totally incapable of even thinking about a scientific model for the biological mechanism of homeopathic cure. Biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, molecular pathology and such modern scientific knowledge have no place in his ‘energy medicine’ theories.

  I strongly disagree with his ‘energy medicine’ approach to homeopathy, even though personally I have great respects for his comparatively rational approach towards most of the nonsense concepts and methods propagated by modern day ‘gurus’.

2 responses to “Thoughts on ‘Subtle Energy’ and The Vithoulkas model.

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  2. Errol Klinkerfuss

    An excellent article! Vithoulkas’ “essences” of the medicines, where he created a personality for each, have done untold damage to homeopathy. The distortions of Kent, further distilled and distorted by Vithoulkas, led to Sankaran, Sholten, Sherr, Morrison, etc. Making what passes for homeopathy today a very unsound edifice built on quicksand.

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