Seminar Musings

We are approaching the time for the first Spanish Seminar of the year, and have been busy working on the presentations.

The seminar has been designed as a continuous flow from

  • an overview of the development of Homoeopathy and the Repertory,
  • how to read the writings of Hahnemann,
  • comparisons of modern day techniques with the scientific approach of the originator,
  • a look at the model of miasms in case taking and whether it has value in case analysis.
  • looking at Characteristic symptoms and Essential symptoms and understanding the difference via on screen case presentations.
  • discussing rubric use and what a symptom is.
  • A look at how to use the Materia Medica.
  • A look at LM potencies.

Dr Guillermo Zamora, the director of I.H.M. Mexico, kindly translated a lot of the screen presentations into Spanish for our colleagues in Zaragoza.

The language issues have been dissipated by having my favourite translator for seminars present. Nadia has studied homoeopathic medicine in Spain and is familiar with all the terminology.

Nadia Martin




We look forward to seeing you at the Seminar in Zaragoza.


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