re: The sensation method.


I have read the method in all the books published by Sankaran so far as also
attended his seminars. It is the very enchanting video presentations at the seminars and the captivating material presented in his books that prompted me to use it  side by side with the age old traditional hahnemannian method for some time. I concluded  after thorough study that the theoretical basis on which this entire method is based is flawed. But such is the orchestrated hype about this method in US and Europe that it is hard to get anything published against this method and prove to be a useless exercise that ends up in frustration.

Unfortunately we have not evolved benchmarks to judge any method being propagated  as homeopathy and as a first step we should do it.

The very basis on which Hahnemann founded homeopathy was his discovery :

1. that any medicinal substance is capable of inducing a field force to distort the vital  force of healthy human beings; the nature of distortion presents a recognizable field pattern and it is as true as the law of gravity or any other natural laws.

2. that the same medicine is capable of nullifying any disease force that establishes  a similar distortion of vital force in a human being.

The SIMILARITY of the disorted picture or pattern of the vital force induced by the  medicinal substance in a healthy human being and that created by the natural disease  is essential for curative action to occur.

If Sankaran can prove that the vital sensation can be induced by a medicinal substance in healthy human beings and then prove the correspondences of this artificially  induced vital sensation to the one present in the cured patient – then and then only it qualifies to be a homeopathic method.

I hate to waste any more time discussing this method of madness, an aberration of an otherwise super genius whose convoluted thinking process reflects of a major portion of his brain cells gone awry….alas…


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  1. Sankaran’s ‘Sensations-Kingdoms’ Method- Homeopathy Crippled By Lack Of Basic Scientific Awareness

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