Zaragoza arrival.

Today is the start of the seminar. I arrived yesterday from Palma Mallorca and was taken to the hotel where I am staying for the duration. Last night, one of the organisors of the seminar, kindly took me out with his wife and daughter for a tour of the city, a visit to the largest shopping Mall in Europe and a wonderful Tapas meal where we discussed many things.

This morning,  I am looking over the notes and finalising the presentation details. Later, I will go to the medical hall and we will hook up the projector to the computer and test it.

I decided to begin the seminar with a detailed overview of the development of homoeopathy, Hahnemanns thoughts regarding (from the results of his experimentation with provings) case taking and analysis and examine his rationale for symptom extraction via observation. We will then look at a couple of cases to demonstrate the points made.

Tomorrow and Sunday, we will progress along the theme, and take an in depth look at how the medical practice of homoeopathy grew after his death, and examine the different schools of thought and match them to the original methodology and see whether it is better or worse for the changes made. This will include a long hard dissection of the American homoeopathic scene as developed by Kent.

We have many cases to demonstrate the effectiveness of the scientific medical approach of using homoeopathy for a lasting curative result.

It is going to be an interesting weekend

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