Swedenborgs influence

In reviewing the presentation material for the seminar, I am struck by the influence of Swedenborgs teachings in the American homoeopathic scene of the the late 1800s.  This deviation from Hahnemanns medical practice has been catastrophic for the practice since then. It is the foundation for what passes for homoeopathy today, and is no advancement in any regard for either the patient or the practitioner. It is the basis for all the modern false teachings prevalent in daily practice, and as such, can be built on in a quasi spiritual/psychological fashion and leaves the solid real medical practice in the shadows.

I see that most people in Europe and America starting training, will in a couple of years NOT know real homoeopathy. Most of the ‘teachers’ do not know real homoeopathy, and those that purport to, have sold out to one of the quasi Swedenborg based, Doctrine of signatures, incorrect psychologistic  essence prescribing methods in existence, which have made the developers of these systems very rich.

It is time for practitioners who try to emulate the correct application of the method to wake up and realise that their future is being dictated to by these people who have seized control of the colleges and the ‘registers’ of permitted practitioners in various countries.

It is nearly too late.


2 responses to “Swedenborgs influence

  1. All the more need to record in a multi-volume textbook how to practice real homeopathy as Hahnemann intended. You at the IHM are the perfect people to do this. It could be available in all formats: ebooks, DVD’s, videos, but a hard copy as well. Homeopathy has never had a textbook that wasn’t tainted by the Kent miasm or marred by shoddy Jahr workups, bad translations like Hempel etc. The Organon is the textbook but it needs explaining and illustration with examples to be able to be more fully understood.

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