Further news on the international Register.

The board of the I.H.M, had some discussions over the last few days, and we made the decision to include medically qualified practitioners on the Register.

The Register is a list of HAHNEMANIAN practitioners who practice homoeopathy for the benefit of the patient using tried and tested and effective methods. The I.H.M. has always maintained that it is the training of the practitioner that matters and not whether they hold a medical degree, and to this end, see no reason to exclude anyone if they meet the criterion.

We already have received an application from James Tyler Kent. The application came from Germany so we suspect it may be fake. Not to mention we also have the I.P. address, the routing and the actual computer I.D. it was sent from. Using Firefox build 30, windows 7 and English language. Lovely part of Germany Kent lives in…

We will put the Register on-line in the next few days.. you are welcome to send in your preliminary application and we will be in touch..


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