One of those days

It actually has been one of those weeks.

Things began to go downhill at the beginning of the week when our major sponsor for the new I.H.M. H.Q. realised that his own company was in need of some personal cash injection, and after a discussion with him and us, we insisted he attend to his home needs first. The world economy is such that we understand completely and were grateful for the offer and intent. In the last 6 months, a lot of things have changed for a lot of people and we live with what is.

The only thing it has initially affected is the timetable and schedule we had put together for next year and getting things ready to kick the year off with teaching etc. It also made a slight issue with moving countries but that too can be overcome.

Then today, the German shepherd puppy where I am living ran off with my passporpassportt and ate it. A trip to the Embassy is forthcoming……… Full price for a replacement these days…….. oh well.


Im sure that many things happen for a reason. Homoeopathy today bears little resemblance to the original researched scientific medical approach of Hahnemann, and try as we might, some how we just cant shift the mindset of the people attracted to the weird and wonderful methods that have stolen the name of homoeopathy.  Perhaps this time is wrong for fighting back.

We will keep an open mind, keep looking and see what turns up.




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