Sad meanderings in a troubled world

earthI received a message yesterday from a friend of 20 some years standing. I am still in shock.

[11:09:49] X: Because of your association with Israel I have removed your web site from my blog.

I tried to call my friend, and he refused my call. We had a bit of a SKYPE chat and that was that.

I have an association with Israel, it is true. A practitioner that trained with the I.H.M and who works with the I.H.M. giving seminars and is the go to person for P&W in her home area. Did I mention I/we also have an association with Pakistan? We support a charity clinic in Muslim Karachi and the Doctor in charge is a personal and dear friend of mine.

I have a terrible problem with attributing bad motives to individuals unless they display bad motives individually. What governments do is what governments do and the last time I looked, no government EVER asked my opinion or told me the truth regarding why they are taking a course of action.

For this reason, and without prejudice, the I.H.M. supports all our colleagues world wide regardless of the conflicts. We note that some individuals associated with the I.H.M. have indicated their support for one side or the other on their private websites etc, but all officers  of the I.H.M. are devoid of prejudice towards each other.

As homoeopaths, our interest is in promoting the accurate practice of our therapy no matter where the therapist lives. If we had a homoeopath in Gaza we would be supporting them too in regards to their practice.

The I.H.M. have become a victim of political correctness and ostracised by the political viewpoint of individuals who do not want to be seen to be associated with ANY reference to Israel. That is their choice.  Nothing I can do about that. Seems 20 years of knowing me comes down to politics and not the person.

There appears little hope for mankind.


One response to “Sad meanderings in a troubled world

  1. Often, we are so dumb there’s nothing to compare us with…

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