Why we use the Therapeutic Pocket Book

Why do the members of the I.H.M. use the Therapeutic Pocket Book?

  • Accuracy.
  • Speed.
  • surety

The Therapeutic Pocket Book was the most popular and useful repertory for nearly fifty years after being released in 1846. Sadly, as people moved away from the Hahnemannian method of prescribing, the ability to use the TPB or even understand its simple methodology got lost. It opened the door for the Swedenborg inspired works of Kent and Hering to enter into the schools and colleges, ultimately to the hindrance of our practice, and the precursor to the wild and fantastical methods employed by some under the name of homoeopathy.

Boenninghausen, the developer of the repertory, worked closely with Hahnemann in order to find out the method Hahnemann employed in his search for a medicine that would cure a patient. After observing many cases, after using the medicines on himself during sickness, and after using the method on others with excellent results, Boenninghausen worked on putting together rubrics as a guide to the Materia Medica. His initial attempts produced several books that were unwieldy in operation.

Ten years later, Boenninghausen had worked out a method for producing complete symptoms with the criteria of location, sensation and modalities by splitting a symptom in the Materia Medica into its components, so it could be reconstituted by combination.

In this way, each symptom can be recompiled without having to look for the EXACT symptom in a repertory or the Materia Medica. This synthetic approach has proven itself to be accurate and useful and always leads to medicines for consideration for prescribing that contain the symptoms that were being examined.

It also allows for remedies to be considered where perhaps the modality or sensation is NOT found under the location, but is a characteristic of the remedy in general in other locations, enough to suggest that if the proving had continued, that characteristic may have been in EVERY location.

90% of getting the remedy is in the accurate case taking. 5% is choosing which symptoms to take as prescribing symptoms, and the remaining 5% is choosing the right rubrics to lead to medicines for consideration.

Some say ‘but there are only 125 medicines contained within the work?’ That is true, however in practice, it has been our experience to see remedies that would NOT have been considered for a particular problem have a curative effect due to Boenninghausen and Hahnemanns knowledge of the Materia Medica having been transposed in the repertory for consideration in choosing.




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