Case of the Week. ADHD

Case presented by E.N. (who is based in Southern California). from his archives.
E.N trained under Andre Saine for nearly 10 years. Due to personal ill health, not resolving under the Saine methodology, and also experiencing dissatisfaction with the approach to casetaking in the Saine method, E.N. took a back seat from practice and went to a research position . Discovering the Therapeutic Pocket Pocket, E.N. pusued information regarding its usage and contacted the I.H.M. for both understanding the technique and for aid with his personal health issues of which he had endured for 20 some years. The I.H.M were able to  help E.N. on both counts, with his long standing health problem removed after two years of treatment, and with personal training in the use of the Therapeutic Pocket Book. E.N. is a rational and careful student of Hahnemann and is very helpful to the I.H.M. with his time and resources.

October 2, 2004
N.M.  4 year old boy diagnosed with  ADHD.
He is sexually precocious, masturbating with his toys alone in his room. Yells out, “Penis!” “Vagina!” and uncovers himself anywhere anytime. Asks people if they have a penis or a vagina.  Humps people’s legs like a dog sometimes. Blurts out sexual things often.
Very difficult to control, great nervousness, cannot focus.
Obsessed with a blue dog toy which he is constantly asking for, “Where’s my blue dog?” Asking “Why?” to everything for hours at a time. Sucks his thumb. Runs all around. Wants to be around his mom all the time. “He’s glued to me.” His mother said. Aversion to being touched. Only when he wants it.
He falls asleep late, it can take him 3-4 hours to fall asleep. clenching and grinding his teeth and talking during sleep. Wakes in the night with nightmares at around 3 am. Fear of the dark but afraid of shadows cast by light at night.
He is constipated,  stools only every 4 or 5 days that are enormous, 3 inches in diameter and 12 inches long in one piece. It take 2 hours to pass a stool. Very painful. This began a year ago. Pain in the stomach every day for the last 6 months.  Feels full, abdomen distended .
He desires sweets and sour,  lemons and limes. Aversion to fruit, especially apples. Worse in general when hungry.
He has ear infections with high fever every month after which his behavior  is worse. This began after vaccinations MMR, DPT, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Mono.
He developed bronchitis and asthma 2 weeks after the vaccinations.
Head banging has two lumps from it.
Has dark green, thick nasal discharge every day.
He is worse in the winter and often has colds with cough and expectoration which he can’t raise and has to swallow. He is chilly in general and sensitive to becoming cold. Has blanket even when its hot..
Feels worse around groups of people [ 9 or 10 people is too much for him ]
He has been taking homeopathic remedies, combination remedies, and Rescue Remedy without much reaction.
Parents we both completely exhausted from taking care of the boy.
The symptoms I used to repertorize were:
  • Stool, too large
  • Constipation
  • < after fever
  • Coryza, discharge, greenish
  • < winter
  • Desires sweets
  • Desires sour or acids
  • < fasting
  • Expectoration, must swallow
  • < after midnight
  • Sexual desire, too much
I was using the Complete Repertory and Boger/Boenninghausen back then. However, and luckily for me, later corroberation using the TPB reveals Kali Carbonicum as the strongest remedy. After studying Hahnemann and Allen’s Encyclopedia it covered the case well. I gave Kali Carbonicum 30c in water, once a day.
October 29, 2004
Masturbating with toys is gone, since remedy, but still blurts out sexual things and uncovers but not as much. Playing with toys other than just blue dog.
Fear of shadows gone. No grinding of the teeth in sleep. Still clenching though. No talking in sleep.
Aversion to being touched is better. More snuggling and lets people give him a hug.
Constipation is better. Hard stool every day, but only takes 5 minutes to go. No pain.
Stomach pain, fulness and distension is much better.
Now eating apples, which he hated before the remedy. Desire for sweets is less.
Kali carbonicum 200c in water once a day.
November 29, 2004
Mom says he’ s a lot better. 60 % in general. More focused, playing with toys, drawing by himself, screams at times, but will cooperate much more now at school.
Sleep is better, falling to sleep sooner, 45 minutes, was 3-4 hours before. Less nightmares, no grinding of teeth
Constipation 100% better.
Repeats words much less. Sexual obsessions 80% better, hardly ever.
Fear of dark much better.
Mom says,” Like a different child!”
Continue Kali Carbonicum 200c in water once a day.
January 11, 2005
” Pretty good. Better every day” Better concentration. Follows instructions. Acts up on purpose to get attention instead of uncontrollable outbursts. Can get him to do things. More and more a little boy you can talk to.
If he misses the medicine for 3 days ( mother is away a lot ) he gets worse in general. His school says he’s doing a lot better.
Constipation is much better, stools still large, but no pain and passes in 1 to 3 minutes.
Still 2 hrs to fall asleep. No nightmares. Last 2 nights up at 3 am.
Still touches his genitals but will stop when asked.
Screaming is better, will talk less loud if asked. Not as interested in blue dog toy. Fear of dark and shadows is better.
Good appetite. No fits if refused something. More variety in what he wants.
Over all doing pretty well. Others see it too.
Kali carb. 1M once a day. Call if any aggravation. Check back in 3 weeks.
January 12, 2005 (next day)
Was told by mother that she realized that the pharmacy had sent her Calcarea Carbonica 200c instead of Kali carbonicum!  So he’s been on Calc c since November 8, 2004!
Very nervous last 2 days. Has a “tick” wiping his mouth with his hand and sucking in saliva over and over.
The mother didn’t seem as positive about his progress in general today!
Told her to give Kali carbonicum 30c again until the 200c arrives. Myabe he”ll need Calc c later.
January 28, 2005
Not a lot of progress. Not as obstinate. Has had a cold and sinus infection.
Constipated again, 2-3 days between stools, which are larger. Appetite low, losing weight. Desire for eggs and yogurt.
Very nervous at school, new strict teacher.
The “tick” is gone.
[Was on Kali c 30c since Jan 12.]  Kali Carbonicum 200c in water once a day.
February 17, 2005
” A lot better!”
Appetite increased. Asks for seconds.
Constipation better but still slow and stool a bit large. Every other day, was better awhile back.
More focused, people notice a difference in him.
Continue Kali Carbonicum 200c once aday.
March 17, 2005
“Really well!”
Growing up. Getting dressed himself. Can play by himself. Still repeats things over and over. And repetitive playing. Trying hard at school, teachers say night and day difference.
Eating well, Hasn’t gained weight . Taller.
Stool still large, every other day. Slight pain. Only take 5 minutes.
Sleep is much better. Can get to sleep with out mom and to sleep in 30 minutes. Still afraid of shadows, but better. Much less anxious.
Increase Kali Carbonicum 200c to twice a day.
March 28, 2005
Mother called to report the he’d been “off the wall” for the last week.
Hyper aggressive, uncontrollable, cranky, saying NO! like in the past. He has a cold. She gave a combination remedy for the cold.
Stopped the remedy for 5 days. Call if no better after that time.
April 19, 2005
Relapsed badly after stopping the remedy. All behavior worse. Then after a few days some improvement.
Kali Carbonicum 200c once a day. Check back in 7 days.

 April 27, 2005

Slightly better maybe. Missed the remedy 2x in the seven days. Decided to wait 7 more days and if no better start on Kali Carbonicum LM 0/1.
May 4, 2005
Not eating much, getting thinner, repeating things a lot, sexual behavior back.
Kali carbonicum LM 0/1 once a day.
May 28, 2005
General improvement. Better focus. Appetite good. Constipation gone, regular BM.
Still repeats himself when he wants something and doesn’t get it. Very clingy towards the mother. Waking 2 or 3 times in the night for the last week.
Continue remedy.
July 5, 2005
“More calm, better in general.” Still worse around too many people but not as bad as in past.
Can’t sleep, hard to fall asleep.
Appetite less.
Constipation 80% better. No large stools. 5 minutes to pass.
Wetting the bed. Sleeps too deep. Wakes once at night, 3 times a week, only when mom is at home.
Pulling at genitals, says “Genitals!” and “Poop! ” a lot.
School reports observing a night and day difference in him from 1 year ago.
Stomach pain when hungry. Feels full quickly.
Had fever and bronchitis for 2 weeks. Behavior was worse after fever.
Kali C LM /0/2 Once a day.
July 7, 2005
Still fixates on things, gets upset if everything isn’t a certain way.
Continue same.
August 22, 2005
Improving. More focused. Moving up to kindergarten class. Giving hugs and kisses to family on his own. Likes to be cuddled now.
Sent Kali Carbonicum LM 0/3 to continue once a day.
September 26, 2005
Mother said he was doing well. More articulate. Asks real questions about everything. Gets upset occasionally and has tantrums, but MUCH shorter and she can reason with him now, no way before. He’s enjoying school. Invents his own games and picks up after himself. She reckons 80% improvement over the boy he was when we started treatment.
Continue Kali Carb LM 0/3 once a day.
November 17, 2005
Mother didn’t contact me until he’d been without medicine for 2 weeks. He was becoming more nervous and off the wall. I sent her Kali c LM 0/4 same dosage.
I had to refer the case at this point due to my ill health. So I don’t know what happened after this.
This is an interesting case on a lot of levels. Firstly, the initial choice of remedy, and then the mix up with the prescription. E.N. having been trained in the Kent methodology, continued with the case and prescription obtaining good results. I took a quick run through the symptom picture at various stages, and think I would have changed along the way to address certain aspects of presenting symptoms. The case does however show the efficacy of homoeopathic medicine when covering the essential symptoms.


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