Even the little critters

Another case from E.N. in SoCal USA


Angry Birds

A yellow finch crashed into one of our large windows. It lay on its back with eyes closed, beak opening and closing spasmodically. One wing was extended and the whole body was twitching clonically. I gave Arnica 1M in water from a dropper bottle. Squirting dropper full in the eye or in the beak as it opened and shut. I plussed the remedy before each dose which I gave every minute or so.

After 5 or 10 minutes it sat up on its feet, wing still extended and eyes closed. I continued the remedy every minute until it opened its eyes. Not reacting to sounds or sights. Then gave it every 5 minutes. After another 10 minutes it began to blink, then folded its wing to normal position.

Another 5 minutes passed and it began to see me and react to me snapping at my fingers. I continued the arnica every 5 minutes. After another 10 minutes, during which its reactions increased, it suddenly flew off.

I’ve treated around 30 birds [finches, sparrows and hummingbirds] this way over the last 10 years. Only one died while I was treating it. I’ve found them dead at other times, when I wasn’t home to give them Arnica.

This hummingbird sat on my finger for a while as I gave it drops of arnica. It was blind after the crash, but suddenly it could see and its expression changed to, “WHAT THE HECK?!!”  and it roared off!


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