Answer to Errols Question regarding Aconite case.

Errol Klinkerfuss
Case as presented here

Probably everyone knows the remedy would be aconite. But why? If you repertorize the sxs in the TPB:

Rubric numbers from P&W 2015 Edition of hte Therapeutic Pocket Book.

  • Anxiety 2
  • Sleeplessness 1964
  • Aggr Catching cold 2270
  • Aggr Cold air 2461

You get 10 remedies and Aconite is the tenth.

If you do a search in the MM in Synopsis you get well over fifty remedies that have fear of death. All ten in the repertorization. So, just based on the case as presented, why Aconite?


Thank you for your comment Errol,

I would suggest the following that might help.

  • ·The Repertory is a GUIDE to the Materia Medica,
  • This means it does not replace knowledge of the Materia Medica.
  • The repertory serves to confirm what is known.
  • The Repertory gives an indication for another/other remedies that might have slipped our mind or have a symptom association that we are unaware of.
  • It also requires an accurate choosing of rubrics.

Any published case in a journal, is at best a precis, or overview of what the attending physician observed. In this case, I would take the following rubrics to start with: (click on image to enlarge)


We can see the causation. A very cold wind. (There is no mention of her catching a cold.)

The results from this are a nervous weakness confining to bed. A fear of dying, NOT a general state of anxiety, but a specific fear which resulted in sleeplessness.

In my choice of rubrics, Aconite was number 2. A quick glance through the remedies, brought my attention back to Aconite. The Materia Medica showed in the proving that the fear of death was very strong. I did not see the particular combination as strongly in any of the other remedies.

I hope this helps.



One response to “Answer to Errols Question regarding Aconite case.

  1. Errol Klinkerfuss

    Thank you! Very helpful and clear now.

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