ANY Remedy is both an Acute and a Chronic.


After graduation in Philadelphia, on my return home (Candor, N. Y.), I was called to an adjoining town (Danby) to a patient who had been in bed twenty years from what was diagnosed then by several physicians as “nervous prostration.”

I thought this was a hard case for a novice to undertake, but on examination was informed by the patient that her whole trouble was brought on at first by an exposure to dry cold air on a long ride, 20 degrees below zero. She had never been well since. Now she was troubled with insomnia of long duration. She was afraid to go to sleep for fear she might die. On these indications I prescribed Aconite 6x notwithstanding the chronic character of the case. A month after she came walking into my office.

She said, “‘I did not report as I promised, because I slept good the first night, and have done so ever since, I feel well.”

This was my first case after graduation, many years ago. It was a remarkable cure, for it helped both the patient and me ; me in the establishment of my faith in homœopathy, and the patient so long sick to perfect health. (E. E. Snyder.)

One response to “ANY Remedy is both an Acute and a Chronic.

  1. Errol Klinkerfuss

    Probably everyone knows the remedy would be aconite. But why? If you repertorize the sxs in the TPB:

    Anxiety 2
    Sleeplessness 1964
    Aggr Catching cold 2270
    Aggr Cold air 2461

    You get 10 remedies and Aconite is the tenth.

    If you do a search in the MM in Synopsis you get well over fifty remedies that have fear of death. All ten in the repertorization. So, just based on the case as presented, why Aconite?

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