The proper use of ‘Key notes’ i.e. the main Prescribing symptom.


Cases From E.B. Nash

Florence Johnson, a young woman, had been afflicted a long time with chronic gastritis. She was unable to take ordinary food without great burning and distress in her stomach. This condition of stomach was relieved when she had eczema of both ears, which was intensely painful and burning. She would sometimes succeed in healing the ears, but in proportion as she succeeded in that the stomach symptoms returned. Then she would get very poor in flesh. I had given her Sulphur and Graphites without perceptible benefit and also Arsenicum 30 and 200. Finally I concluded to try the Arsenicum higher. Gave her Arsenicum 37m., made on my own potentizer, and the effect was wonderful. The whole trouble promptly yielded, and she had no trouble since now several years. I forgot to say that she also had scalp trouble of a similar nature with that of the ears, which also subsided. (Nash.)

One response to “The proper use of ‘Key notes’ i.e. the main Prescribing symptom.

  1. Rubrics:

    Bry. Ars. Sil. Sulph in that order.

    Reading Hahnemann on all four for the stomach’s burning pains < from eating Ars does seem best. I wonder why the remedy didn't seem to work in the first two potencies? Were they given in water? or dry, one dose? I think I remember that Nash's potentizer was a continuous stream of water run into the vial that held the tincture which overflowed. The pressure from the stream or fall of drops acted like a form of succussion, the length of time the process went on determined the potency.
    Maybe that 37m was given in water? It sounded like one dose cured. Nash said Ars , sulph, and phos were linked by one key note symptom, Burning. Why Graphites? Maybe the character of the eruptions, which he didn't mention in the case.

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