Wm. T., aged 23 occupation clerk, consulted me, complaining of an impairment of speech, which had lasted seventeen years. No cause could be learned, although his mother and others had been interviewed.

The case as taken presented the following :
February 16. Mentally he is weak indifferent for the most part, with times of irritation and petulance. Aphonia < between 4 and 5 P. M., at which time the voice is the merest whisper ; < in hot weather ; < in winter, > by expectoration of a lump of black mucus. Three and a half years ago he had typhoid fever under allopathic treatment, since which time he is “nervous” with trembling of both arms. This is quite independent of whether or not he works.
Voice lost in the evening, Brom., Carb. v., Phos.
< in winter, Carb. veg., phos.
< in wet weather, carb. v., Phos.
< 4 and 5 P. M., Carb. v.
Indifferent, apathetic mentally, Carb. v., Phos.
> by expectoration of black mucus disregarded, as this is Pittsburgh.
February 18. Gave Carbo veg. 1 m. single dose.
February 25. Improving, has some voice P. M., S. L.
March 27. Improvement continued until a week ago. Repeated Carbo veg., this time 40m.
April 25. Practically well. Thinks it is wonderful since time and money had been spent.


  1. Errol Klinkerfuss

    aphonia 52
    aggr evening 2164
    aggr winter 2719
    aggr wet weather 2712
    indifference 8
    aggr fever after 2295
    shaking outer parts 1185
    aggr summer 2630

    Carbo veg isn’t in the rubric, Indifference in the TPB but in the proving in Hahnemann’s CD we see:

    Indifferent, unsympathetic. Indifferent he listens to everything without pleasure or displeasure and without thinking of anything.

    Why isn’t it in the rubric? Its a characteristic sx according to many authorities. Seems like it should be at least a one!

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