Sevilla Seminar

Delegates from Seville and surrounding areas, along with Drs from The Canary Islands spent 2 days discussing Hahnemanns view of homoeopathy and also the works ofBoenninghausen.

14 cases were presented in video and powerpoint to demonstrate Hahnemanns approach to disease according to the Organon directions. All medicines used to be of benefit were found with the aid of the Therapeutic Pocket Book by Boenninghausen 2015 edition by P&W.

Attention was paid to the case taking methodology in diseases of varying depths of pathology, and the importance of assessing the cases using the right symptoms for prescribing. We discussed the absolute importance of prescribing on altered disease symptoms and not personality.

Discussions were held regarding miasms and the understanding of Hahnemanns words were clarified.

A Great Seminar altogether.

Thanks to Antonio Ortega for his friendship and translation for the group.


P1050125 P1050126 P1050127

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