A health issue at the Seville Seminar

It happened to me. After a lot of flights and walking in new shoes, I experienced first a slight pain in the joint of my left big toe. The night before the Seminar began, it exploded in pain and burning and sharpness. I had no remedies with me.

I did not sleep that night. At the seminar I quickly repertorised it and then went to the Iberhome display desk and asked for Mercurius. They had a vial of 9c of which I put one globule in water, stirred, waited a couple of minutes and then took a teaspoonful. Within minutes, the pain began to subside. I repeated the dose at lunchtime. during the Semiinar, I took  maybe 4 doses. The improvement was 80%

Monday evening, all of a sudden, the foot swelled a little, tight skin, red, shiny and the pain returned to a much lesser degree, but was there. I was meeting Antonio Ortega (The dr who translated for me) and his wife for dinner that evening and requested he bring me Belladonna and which I took immediately on receiving it. I awoke this morning with no swelling, slight soreness in the joint and feeling much better. I have another dose to repeat if required.

Is it gout? I dont know. I do know that the symptoms experienced could have been gout or an inflammation  of the joint by new shoe compression. Either way, the symptoms were met by the two remedies involved.

Iberhome medicines are prepared under strict manufacturing conditions. When I visited several months ago,  I was impressed with the protocols in place for medicine preparations. They are a licenced laboratory and as such prepare a medicine from scratch in isolation rooms with air flow control and sealed containment entry and exits.

Both medicines I took acted immediately on my condition. We only have two things to rely on for a curative action, one is the accuracy of the prescription and the other is the quality of the medicines.

Iberhome certainly took care of one of the necessities.


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