Phosphoric Acid

head pain

by Vera Resnick

What headache is your patient dealing with? What makes it better, and what makes it worse? Does it extend, and if so – where to? Here’s Phosphoric Acid’s headache from Hahnemann’s proving in Chronic Diseases. Bold italics are mine.
Look through the symptoms and you will see the strong aggravation modalities – in particular different kinds of motion, whether turning the head, bending the head forward, the slightest motion, or treading firmly and walking. This is also a headache that doesn’t stay in one place. It extends into the brain, into the eye, into the forehead. Pressure can aggravate – but it can also ameliorate. Pressure is mentioned around 29 times in these symptoms – that’s 29 times in around 67 symptoms, i.e. a lot. Even this brief breakdown of modalities already gives a partial picture of Phosphoric Acid which we can use in differentiation between this remedy and others.

  1. Headache, at once early in the morning on awaking ; it goes off on rising.
  2. Headache, in the forehead, when quickly turning the head and when treading firmly.
  3. Headache, in the occiput, obliging one to lie down.
  4. Severe headache, causing one to lie down, with stiffness of the nape.
  5. Constant headache. [Hrm.].
  6. Headache, excessively increased by the slightest concussion or by noise. [Hrm.].
  7. Severe headache above the eyes, so that she could not open them.
  8. Headache, as after straining in lifting, sensation of heaviness in the head.
  9. Heaviness of the head. [Gtm.].
  10. Great heaviness of the whole of the head, with violent pressure, drawing toward the left frontal eminence. [Htm.].
  11. Heaviness and pressure forward in the occiput on inclining the head forward ; it goes off by inclining it backward. [Htm.].
  12. Dull headache in the forehead and the temples, with considerable cheerfulness. [Frz.].
  13. Dull, crawling headaches in the sinciput, with perspiration on the forehead. [Fr. H.].
  14. Stupid headache, when he comes into the warm room in the evening.
  15. Stupid headache with humming in the head; then while coughing pain as if the head would burst.
  16. Pressive pain in the right occiput, partly also extending forward, all day, aggravated by pressure and by turning the head (aft. I h.). [Gtm.].
  17. Pressure in the brain, behind the left ear. [Gtm.].
  18. Painful pressure in the right side of the occiput, outward (aft. 1 1/2 h.). [Htm.].
  19. Intermitting dull, shooting pressure, deep in the left side of the crown. [Gr.].
  20. Pressive dull pain above the orbits, with shooting behind the ears, in the afternoon. [Tth.].
  21. Severe pressure on the left side of the forehead. [Hrm.].
  22. Violent pressure outward in the right frontal eminence. [Htm.].
  23. Pressure in the forehead, as after a spree. [Mr.].
  24. Severe pressure above the left temple, extending into the occiput, with aversion to moving. [Mr.].
  25. Pressure in the head, especially while going up stairs.
  26. Severe pressure, almost like bruised pain, in the forehead or in the temple, seemingly on the surface of the brain, on reflecting especially in the evening, not however preventing thought.
  27. Violent, excessively severe pressive pain, as if in the surface of the brain and in the periosteum of that part of the skull on which he is then lying, after midnight on awaking ; aggravated so as to become unbearable, by remaining lying on the same side, and when he turns to another side, it begins there with the same fury, while ceasing in the former spot.
  28. Severe pressure, extending from the forehead down toward the nose.
  29. Pressure in the head, as from a load, from above downward, or as if the head was shattered at the top.
  30. Severe pressure in the forehead, in the morning on awaking, so that she was quite stupefied and could not open her eyes ; the pain hardly allowed her to speak, and was aggravated by the slightest motion.
  31. Excessively severe pressure in the head, in the afternoon.
  32. Headache, as if the brain was being pressed upward, with painfully pulsating throbbing therein
  33. Pressive and shooting pain in all parts of the head, in paroxysms.
  34. Severe pressure in the right temple outward. [Htm.].
  35. Squeezing pressure in the parietal bones, more violent on moving. [Hrm.].
  36. Pressure in the occiput, as if it was lying on something hard. [Mr.].
  37. Squeezing, dull, severe pressure in the left temple, in rhythmical intervals. [Gr.].
  38. Squeezing pressure and tearing in the brain, now here, now there. [Hrm.].
  39. Squeezing tearing pressure in the occiput, aggravated by noise and by the slightest motion. [Hrm.].
  40. Squeezing pressure in the right temple. [Gr.].
  41. Squeezing pressure in and on the right temple, more violent when moving. [Hrm.].
  42. Pain in the whole brain, as if it was squeezed together. [Gtm.].
  43. Pain as if both the temporal bones were being pressed together with a pair of tongs. [Gr.].
  44. Pain in the evening, in bed, as if both the temples were being constricted in various parts. [Frz.].
  45. Violent forcing and pressure out at the crown, for three days.
  46. Twitches through the head, from behind forward, in rhythmical intervals, like pulsations. [Wsl.].
  47. Twitches in the head.
  48. Drawing pressure in the right crown and in the occipital bone, more violent on moving. [Hrm.].
  49. Drawing in the left temple and in the anterior cartilage of the ear, on moving ; it turns into pressure. [Hrm.].
  50. Tearing in the crown and the occiput. [Hrm.].
  51. Tearing in the left temple, extending into the forehead, worse when moving. [Hrm.].
  52. Shooting above the left eye, upward in the head.
  53. Dull shooting, out at the middle of the forehead. [Gtm.].
  54. A dull stitch darts, as from an arrow, into the right temple, extending deep into the brain, in repeated paroxysms. [Gr.].
  55. Violent shooting in the right temple, extending into the eye. [Mr.].
  56. Severe shooting in the right temple. [Htm.].
  57. Shooting with drawing in the crown, diminished by pressure. [Wsl.].
  58. Single sharp thrusts in the right temple. [Htm.].
  59. Single blows in the head, as from a hammer.
  60. Hacking in the head, as with a hatchet (Staphis. cured this.). [Hg.].
  61. Pricking headache, early on rising, till noon.
  62. Burning headache in the upper part of the brain.
  63. Burrowing boring in the right side of the occiput. [Gtm.].
  64. Boring with pressure in the left temple. [Frz.].
  65. Boring in the head, as if holes were being bored into the skull, especially in the vertex. [Fr. H.].
  66. Painful concussion in the head, while walking.
  67. Buzzing in the head.

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