Returning to the roots

The last few months has seen the Institute intently examining  the writings of Samuel Hahnemann with special reference to his thoughts regarding Chronic Diseases. I have often referred to it as a ‘theoretical’ postulation, but of late have come to realise that my understanding of his position has been deeply flawed, and it is far more than a theoretical writing.

We also took a look at the ‘understandings’ of homoeopathic rules and dogma that exist and have come to see that the majority of what is taken for granted, is nothing more than Kents thoughts based on Swedenborg philosophy. This travesty and twisting of homoeopathic reality, has allowed the rise of quasi spiritual teachings and directly is the ancestor and origin of false attributions of remedy ‘pictures and personalities’ so prevalent in practice today. It also has led to the false teachings of the sensation method, the elements, families of medicine prescribing etc, which is directly in opposition to Hahnemanns medical research and teachings.

Currently, we are compiling Hahnemanns viewpoint of miasms and how it affects the patient under treatment, and how it enables the practitioner to comprehend what is happening in terms of prescribing for the patient. What is amazing is how the Theory of Chronic Diseases fits so well with Hahnemanns directions in the Organon for treatment, and how we need to understand the aphorisms in total context to succeed in difficult cases.

Preface to fourth volume.
Inquiry into the process of homœopathic healing.

I write the present lines, not in order to satisfy those critics, but in order that I may present to myself and to my successors, the genuine practical Homœopaths, another and more probable attempt of this kind toward an explanation. This I present, because the human mind feels within it the irresistible, harmless and praise-worthy impulse, to give some account to itself as to the mode in which man accomplishes good by his actions.

As I have elsewhere shown, it is undeniable, that our vital force, without the assistance of active remedies of human art, cannot overcome even the slight acute diseases (if it does not succumb to them) and restore some sort of health, without sacrificing a part (often a large part) of the fluid and the solid parts of the organism through a so-called crisis. How our vital force effects this, will ever remain unknown to us ; but so much is sure, that this force cannot overcome even these diseases in a direct manner, nor without such sacrifices. The Chronic Diseases, which spring from miasms, cannot be healed unaided, even by such sacrifices, nor can real health be restored by this force alone. But it is just as certain, that even if this force is enabled by the true (homœopathic) healing art, guided by the human understanding, to overpower and overcome (to cure) not only the quickly transient but also the chronic diseases arising from miasms in a direct manner and without such sacrifices, without loss of body and life, nevertheless, it is always this power, the vital force, which conquers. It is in this case as with the army of a country, which drives the enemy out of the country ; this army ought to be called victorious, although it may not have won the victory without foreign auxiliaries. It is the organic vital force of our body which cures natural diseases of every kind directly and without any sacrifices, as soon as it is enabled by means of the correct (homœopathic) remedies to win the victory. This force would not, indeed, have been able to conquer without this assistance ; for our organic vital force, taken alone, is only sufficient to maintain the unimpeded progress of life, so long as man is not morbidly affected by the hostile operation of forces causing disease.


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