Do you know what to do?

In recent discussions with practitioners I ask them if they would be able to answer the public regarding the issue of vaccinations.

I asked two questions, are vaccines necessary and whether, if they were, is there a homoeopathic preparation that would do the job?

Looking around the homoeopathic community there are some who specialise in detoxing a vaccinated patient and offering homoeopathic prophylactic treatment to replace vaccinations. One of the problems I have found is that the practitioner offering alternatives to conventional vaccinations, do not really understand the principles of Hahnemannian homoeopathy as termed and defined, so much so that the treatment they offer is not based on proven and tried scientific methods.

So the question “do you know what to do”is very relevant in this day and age. When asked by a patient what they should do about vaccinating a child what answer will you give?

For the individual practitioner we would advise them to take the time to just sit down and read the Organon and Chronic Diseases without the prejudice and influence of the Kentian teachings that filled their college years. It is a very difficult thing to do, but the right thing for the patients. You will find the wisdom, scientific experimentation and resultant instructions for case management to be very different than what you have been taught.

In the seminars that the IHM give, a number of cases are presented by video or PowerPoint with photographs of before and after and a clear explanation of every step taken to find the prescribing symptoms according to Hahnemann’s directions and rationale for prescribing. Examining many dozens of cases of practitioners in Hahnemann’s time, we saw the principles in action time after time. Practitioners today cry out for more medicines, new materia Medica’s, and easier understanding of the practice methodology. We say to these practitioners that Hahnemann’s success was in the use of mainly less than 150 medicines and that today, practitioners do not know the full value of each and every individual medicine, and would be well advised to undertake to learning that before complaining of the lack of more medicines.

Homoeopathy today is undergoing many internal stresses due to the false teachings of modern gurus. We would encourage those of you who wish to be good homoeopaths and are willing to re-examine everything you have been taught to re-look as stated above at the writings of Hahnemann. The IHM is committed to disseminating this information in order to restore homoeopathic practice to its rightful place as a successful treatment protocol.

One response to “Do you know what to do?

  1. Dear P&W

    I admire your approach and holding on to the original teaching of Hahnemann. I am an ordinary person using homeopathy from 1999. I have worked in Dillons where I was curiously looking for a book that’ll come to my hand oneday, which will use simple and less medicine to cure diseases. But I started with reading the British Pharmacopia, it desatisfied me naturally so I moved on to herbal books and that too seemed good but legnthy in curing (it has it’s uses in mother potencies) untill I picked up a book by Vinton McCabe, then the Materia Medica by William Boearick And many more like Margaret Tylor etc from the Masters. I naturally read kent too. Though continued in search and wieghing up different approaches over years. Then followed on to Sankaran a little bit and others alike. Read about Bonninghausen and got confused with Boger then continued on and used schusllers tissue salt where I eventually made a back pain cure with Calc Phos 6x. I read hundreds of articles, including vaccination and scepticism on homeopathy. Cured a few peoples serious conditions including fertility (lol). Amazing staff including inducing labour for my wife and surprised nurses. Cured eczema. After all that I discovered TBR from Dimitriadis and called it home run.
    Then I found you guys and follow your blog via Facebook.
    Now I want keep it simple. I need not wonder off any more since I was able to narrow my self in the natural direction. Now I look at other professionals out there and think how dangerous a game they are in. I just need solid understanding of Remedies with common sense. One thing though I am not a homeopath and I can’t afford the TBR or Your Books and Software. I just dream of it.

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