Follow up to hip pain case of the week.


So I spoke to the patient the following evening to ascertain the effect of taking the remedy. The patient told me that the pain in the hip had subsided and and that pain had appeared in his knee and big toe. As the day had progress the pain eased considerably. He had repeated the medicine in the morning.

He informed me that four days previously he had been in a similar incident travelling in the vehicle where the brakes were applied hard. He said he felt he had something similar to minor whiplash, but that passed off after a few hours. In rating the pain he was currently experiencing it was put at about 80% better. I asked the patient to to run a couple of tests on himself, and receiving the information I recommended that he saw his chiropractor as soon as possible to do an adjustment on his lower lumbar region as I diagnosed it as a sciatic impairment.

Even though the patient had a maintaining cause, the ability of the medicine to relieve the pain was evident to see. I fully expect the patient to recover within a few days after adjustment to the maximum possible.

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