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  1. I can’t argue with the results of the remedy given, except it looks to me like there is a way to go before you could claim a complete cure judging from the photographs.

    I can’t find the sx that clinched the choice of Thuja for them. The feeling that the limbs are fragile, made of glass or wood, is not in the proving in MMP or in the TPB.
    Where did that sx come from? Its supposed to be a keynote of Thuja, but isn’t in the proving? Warts are the province of many remedies. So if you leave out the glass sx what do you get?

    I used rubrics:


    The top remedies to consider then are Calc, Sep, Sulph and Rhus t.

    What are the modalites and details of the fever? That would have helped to narrow the choice. As it is stated Heat with shuddering(chills). Would you use desire to uncover?

    it seems to me that the Drs. heard the sx: fear that the limbs might break like glass, added the Warts and settled on Thuja, without considering any of the other sxs. Thuja isn’t in cracks and rhagades for instance. What about the fever sxs? The constipation from hard feces? The thirst? Thuja had an action, but it seems like it was just luck that it did. Would Sep. or Rhus t have acted as well? I think so. And they would have been chosen according to the rules Hahnemann set down in the Organon and the proper use of the TPB to find the most likely remedies.

    So, why question a case with a reaction like they had? What if another patient comes along and has the same “keynote” symptom and Thuja didn’t do anything? What would they do then? That’s the weakness of the keynote, Kentian approach. If you follow Hahnemann’s tried and true method you come from a place of certainty. You have a procedure to fall back on that can be replicated. You consider the relevant characteristic sxs of the disease being treated and match the remedy’s characteristic sxs from the provings in the MMP ad CD as closely as possible.

    A medicine’s similarity is a question of degree. You are looking for the most similar, but several remedies could have an effect, its a question of degree of similarity. Its most important to have method that is consistent and repeatable and that is what Hahnemann gave us, if only we would DO IT THE WAY HE SAID TO DO IT!

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