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Presentation of some oncological cases cured in the Clinica Santa Croce (Orselina, Switzerland) Spinedi

During the last 16 years 10 medical doctors cured hundreds of patients affected by cancers in our clinic. Mostly of the patients are staying in the clinic during 2-3 weeks and get every day the remedy in Q(LM) Potency. Daily the doctor and the supervisor study the reaction of the patient to the given remedy and decide if it is correct or not. During this time we establish a plane of cure and the patient is cured at home. The contact is maintained by phone, e-mail, skype.

The following cases demonstrate how we are working in our Clinic.

Case Nr. 1 (Dr. Dario Spinedi) Ewing Sarcoma of the left shoulder: 23-years old man Therapy and follow up. Operation could not be performed in the sound tissue.

He received only 4 cycles of chemotherapy.

After this he received only homoeopathy. The totality of the symptoms and the symptoms of the side effects of the chemotherapy pointed to Phosphorus.

Start of the therapy 13.12.1998:

Phos Q6 to Q10.

Then according to the Kent scale: Phos M, M, XM, XM, CM, M, M, etc. at long Intervals.

Up to the present time he is very well Time of observation 15 years Observation When the patient received chemotherapy we administrated Q-Potencies (many people say instead of Q-Potencies „LM-Potencies“) (we had the great privilege to have the handmade Q-Potencies by Dr. Jost Künzli and Dr. Pierre Schmidt of the most important remedies).

When the patient was better (he had no more macroscopic cancer) and no more chemotherapy then we gave the remedies in C-Potencies according to the scale of Kent.

Constitutional remedy and cancer remedy were the same: Phosphorus : Q-Potencies The last 16 years we have found out that these potencies are the best in the following cases: – During the chemotherapy and the radiation (we give the remedy daily together with the chemo- and radiotherapy) – In very advanced cases – To test quickly if the remedy is correct or not Great advantages We can give the remedy every day without homeopathic aggravation and so diminish the side effects of the chemo- and radiotherapy Difficulties

Many doctors don‘t know the correct rules how to give the Q-potencies. They don‘t understand the reaction after the remedy and the correct interpretation.

We need a very exact control (in the clinic we daily control the reactions of the given remedy)

Case Nr. 2 (Dr. Spinedi)

Malignant sacral teratoma not operable with multiple liver and lung Metastasis in a 2,5 years old girl.

Therapy and follow up Beginning of the cure with Phosphorus and some cycles chemotherapy.

Quick disappearing of all metastasis and the tumor get smaller so that he can be operated.

After this only homoeopathy from the 09.12.1999 with Phos Q3 to Q30, This mean 27 bottles of Phosphorus Q.

After this twice Phosphorus M. Some new important symptoms pointed to Sepia. Prescription: Sep M Sep M Sep XM, last remedy 24.03.2003.

Since then the young girl is well  Time of observation: 14 years

Phosphorus was helpful during 4 years to treat the side effects of the chemotherapy.

We are grateful to Dr. Grimmer that he gave to homoeopathic doctors the main remedies to antidote the side effect of radiation: Phosphorus, Cadmium sulfuricum, X-Ray, Radium bromatum, Fluoric acidum, Silicea, Cadmium iodatum.

Case Nr. 3 (Dr. Spinedi)

Inoperable sarcoma of uterus in a 50 years old women

Therapy and follow up Chemotherapy only 5 cycles 19.08.1999 together with Sepia Q6 – Q20.

The sarcoma became quickly smaller, could then be operated and radiated.

The patient felt well all the time during the cure and increased 10 kg in weight, before starting the therapy she was cachectic. Two doses of Radium Bromatum C30 for the side effects of the radiation, because she developed the symptoms of this remedy.

Then we continued with Sepia Q21 until to Q22.

Nux vomica M and XM helped much for gastritis due to medicines.

Because we had no more cancer in the body we started according to Kent: Sepia M, M, XM, XM, CM, CM at long intervals between 2000 and 2003.

Then appeared the symptoms of Thuja. We administered Thuja XM, XM, CM. After this the symptoms of Sepia M appeared again.

So we gave this remedy up to the present. She is very well. Time of observation: 14 years Observation The constitutional remedy Sepia needed the help of the great antisycotic Thuja to complete the cure.

To cure the side effects of radiation we needed in this case Radium bromatum, and for the side effects of chemotherapy Nux vomica. In every case we always try to work according to the law of similar and look for all the symptoms in the repertory

Case Nr. 4 (Dr. Spinedi)

Inoperable cancer of liver in a boy of 1 year During the 9th month there is a stop in the development of the child. It was diagnosed a great cancer of the liver, only 2 mm of normal liver tissue.

Therapy and follow up Start of the cure with Lycopodium Q3 (totality of the symptoms). But the symptoms of the child, pain and vomiting didn‘t ameliorate.

Start of a chemotherapy together with Phosphorus Q3 – Q24 from18.02.2003 until 30.03.2004.

The tumor became smaller and could be operated. The very high transaminases (over 1000) became better with the only administration of Phosphorus.

At the 24.02.2004 the symptoms of Lycopodium appeared, especially mentally (he is very disobedient, obstinate and dictatorial), therefore we give Lycopodium Q3 – Q20 at 06.12.2004.

Because all the laboratory findings are better and there is no more cancer we started with Lycopodium M, M, XM, XM, CM, CM etc. at long intervals up to the present time.

The young men is very well. Time of observation: 10 years Repertorisation We can see, that the totality of the symptoms point from the beginning to the two remedies Lycopodium and Phosphorus. Observation We always see the great effect of Phosphorus during the chemotherapy and long after. But in this case too, we need the constitutional remedy to finish the case. The constitutional remedy Lycopodium could not help in the beginning, but Phosphorus and THE chemotherapy together helped quickly. The mother dreamt during the pregnancy that her child would die during his first year of life. During the pregnancy she had three episodes with very great anger supressed.


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