Olfaction and sensitive patients.

Over the years, I moved from Centesimal potencies to LM or Q potencies in line with Hahnemanns conclusions regarding their efficacy and more gentle action. Even in saying that, I have a number of patients who react strongly to the Q potencies and even after multiple dilutions, I had to go to olfactory doses.

One of the problems with Olfaction is that for the new patient, not yet used to homoeopathy and the methodology, the act of inhaling from a medicine bottle seems a little “weird”. A few years ago, I started an experiment using a nebuliser to dispense olfactory doses, and was surprised at the successful outcome with doing so. For whatever reason, the experiment ceased when I moved to the States of America.

Recently we purchased a portable unit, and made up an LM potency, (Q) for a problem that one of the I.H.M. staff developed, and are giving dosage in a 1 minute treatment of the medicine. As the problem is of a chronic nature as opposed to a sensitivity issue, it will be interesting to see the spacing between doses and the results from inhalation doses.

The effects are immediate and the medicine is taken deeply into the lungs just by breathing normally into the mask. Results are being analysed, and we feel that by using this method, patients will be more amenable to the treatment.

We are NOT advocating this method of application. We are just testing it to see if its effective over a range of patients and treatments.

One response to “Olfaction and sensitive patients.

  1. Vera Resnick IHM DHom Med (Lic)

    I’ve worked a lot with olfaction, and have found it a valuable method for very sensitive patients. Some patients do find it too weird however, which is a pity, There are cases where patients prefer to take a remedy through multiple dilution glasses rather than sniff from a bottle. But then there are also patients who prefer to harm themselves through taking large doses of whatever the conventional medicine system is dishing out rather than try very highly dilute substances prescribed on the basis of cure by similars. Go know…

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