Strange fever state.

I.H.M. clinic got a phone call from a practitioner with an acute fever not responding to the prescription of Carbo Veg. Patient is sensitive to foods and thought had perhaps eaten some food that disagreed with his digestion. Usually responded well to digestive issues with Carbo Veg

Was presenting symptoms of a fever with a cold perspiration and a very fast pulse. Generally feeling unwell. A quick SKYPE video look showed an altered colour of the face to a grey look, and there was a lot of burping going on .


A prescription of Lachesis 0/1 was made and problem resolved itself in two hours.

It is important to note that each and every prescription made is on the basis of presenting symptom and NOT because the medicine has worked before. EVERY PRESCRIPTION is UNIQUE to the presenting problem!


The rubric AGG  Eructation was included because on each burp, the patient put his hand to his chest or throat and made a ‘face’ like it was painful. Sometimes after a burp he took 2 seconds to settle again.

Also, the rubrics listed under Aggravation and Amelioration have a generalised heading and only the remedies included can be isolated in conjunction with other clear and precise symptoms to show the precise meaning included in a remedy for inspection.

One response to “Strange fever state.

  1. I was wondering if the patient had mentioned aggravation from eructation, as you took that symptom rather than the burping in general or modalities for eructation. Out of curiousity I played with the repping using the general rubric and came to much the same results, with Carb-V still covering all symptoms – so the element of aggravation is what distinguished between the Carb-V and the Lach.. The symptom of face, grey reduces the case to four remedies – Carb-V, Lach, Kreos and Laur, so I assume if this symptom was still predominant you would have prescribed Lach anyway, as the next remedy in line.. To me this case demonstrates very clearly how repping can be done in a “clean” way when there is an absolutely certain symptom with a limited number of remedies.

    Out of interest I put the case through Kent in the Synopsis. Even within Kent, the importance of the absolute symptom clarified the repertorisation, bringing it down to China, Phosphorous and Lachesis where Eructations aggravate was included, and to a smallish group of 11 remedies with Lachesis strongly represented when the general eructations rubric was used, larger than two or three but still manageable when checking further in materia medica.

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