Case of the week. A practitioners Problem.

The clinic received a call from Japan where a Dr colleague has traveled to run a workshop. 20 some years ago, this colleague fell on his right hip and had a slight fracture in  his hip. Over a short time, it went on to become a serious problem and the X-rays and surgeons advice was to replace the hip. However with homoeopathy and recuperative therapy, the problem went away and the hip became sound once more.

My colleague, 4 weeks ago, was demonstrating to a class how to rotate joints for proper placement of, and used himself as the model. his leg and hip was rotated and seated. He noticed a ‘sensation’ of something ‘not right’ when the leg was everted. The sensation increased to a point where it now a definite pain. The Practitioner took BRYONIA as the pain was not present when still. It didnt work.

In the call this morning, it was established that the localised hip pain, including bones, ligaments and muscle had now spread to the hip area, Pain was exacerbated when rotating and extended the leg sideways and walking up stairs was extremely difficult. Upon questioning he also stated that he noticed during training sessions, that he felt a little easier for movement but too much would make it sore again.

He was prescribed Rhus Tox, All the ‘peculiar’ symptoms, that is the symptoms pertaining to production from the medicine RHUS TOX, were present. We will see what happens over the course of time.

You might be asking, ‘why could the practitioner not see the symptoms?”. The answer is simple, when a person is in pain or busy, they do not notice the exhibition of symptoms until questioned to bring it to mind. Unless a person is of a totally analytical turn of mind, it is difficult to determine and observe clearly the state.

This is why Hahnemann said to leave a space under an important occurrence or change, and write ALL the modalities and sensations pertaining to that one symptom.

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