‘Staphylococcus hominis’ bacteria that contaminated babies in Chiapas

Editor comment. Somehow, this answer does not give me confidence in the validity of the results of the tests. I have lost faith in the pharmaceutical Industry that they will be neutral in their presentation. 32 babies all having the same reaction after vaccination? It leaves too many questions…….

 By Carolina Gomez Mena

Fri, 22 May 2015 14:28

Mexico, DF. The bacteria that contaminated the baby almost two weeks ago at the Pepper, Chiapas community wasStaphylococcus hominis , Javier Dávila, director of Medical Services of the IMSS.

At a press conference the official explained that this infectious agent Staphylococcus hominis are found in the skin of people.

Davila said it is unknown how the children were infected with the bacteria and added that such research should be undertaken by the judicial authorities.

Nearly two weeks ago, on 9 May, it was reported that 31 infants had health complications after being vaccinated. Two of them died.

Davila stressed that now is known that vaccines were in good condition, and that what happened was an external contamination of minors.

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