Coming soon-The Book.

P&W will soon be releasing the English Book version of the SYNOPSIS Therapeutic Pocket Book Repertory.

The Institute has received a lot of requests for a book repertory. We have held off for the longest time due to the work involved in doing this project. Finally, however, we could not find a reasonable excuse and we got down to the task.

The P&W rendition of the 1846 Therapeutic Pocket Book is an updated and original work that corrected  mistakes found in the Allens translation. By utilizing 15 Dictionaries and medical texts of the time, and by careful analysis of the German text, (with the aid of German nationals and speakers),  we made a comprehensive and accurate tool to be used by homoeopathic physicians.

I.H.M. staff members  Ed and Marcia Nunnery have spent hundreds of hours checking and resetting the text to fit into an 8 x 11-inch book format. The information is identical to the computer version. Each rubric is numbered the same as the number in the computer program to facilitate easy finding. We have retained the Allens layout concept but have changed the chapters in the book to make it easier to find.  The book will be available in a high-quality paperback version and we are working on a hardback version.

Ed and Marcia presented the concept of a slightly larger text font for those of us visually challenged, and in using the book, I was happy to find that even without wearing glasses, I could make out the rubrics and remedies.

Research has shown that physically reading a book helps with being able to retain the information easier than on a computer screen. Ed commented to me that during the checking of remedies in the compilation, he actually began to see the linking in certain remedies to certain symptoms and understand the scope of its action. He also pointed out that he was surprised at the effects of some remedies on conditions that the remedy in question would never have been thought of for.

P&W believe that the rationale behind Boenninghasens choice of remedy placement in chapters was for sound logical reasons and  therefore we did not  alter rubric placement out of the chapters they were placed in. For this reason, we are able to include the full Concordances that Boenninghausen incorporated in his original work.

We will announce the price in due course and where to order the book from.

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