Homoeopathy or Naturopathy: A Dialogue…of sorts…

 photo exploding homoeopath_zpsr1es7ux1.jpg

Last photo of an exploding homoeopath

Homoeopathy or Naturopathy: A dialogue…


So should I choose Homoeopathy or Naturopathy? Or are they the same thing?
But it’s all natural right?
But homoeopathy is also natural medicine, isn’t it?
So why are you getting all upset at me in capital letters?

OK, I shouldn’t get upset, and certainly not in capital letters. But it irritates me. I wish Samuel Hahnemann had given this therapeutic a different name, I really do. It’s all very well for people to explain the name, explain how the different bits in Latin add up to “like cures like”. That’s all well and good – but it doesn’t make a darn bit of difference. There are still novels out there describing how the homoeopath tied a string to the main character’s big toe, and diagnosed her allergies…really, I read one last week…

Homoeopathy is based on a revolutionary prescribing principle, known since Hippocrates’ day, harnessed and developed by Samuel Hahnemann in the early 1800s. Naturopathy is for the most part based on various forms of herbal medicine, nutrition and other health-related therapeutics.

But…but… they’re both natural aren’t they?
Grrr… what part of “revolutionary prescribing principle” don’t you understand…
Well – really – I don’t understand any part of it…what does that even mean?

Sorry, sorry, it’s just that…it’s like this….Do you have a kid with a messy room?
Yes, doesn’t everyone?
And is he capable of keeping it tidy?
Of course he is, he just can’t be bothered…keeps throwing his dirty laundry on the floor…and he thinks I don’t know about those old magazines under…

Yes, well, but you think he’s capable of keeping it tidy?
Yes, he is.
So why do you bring in a cleaner?
The cleaner tidies his room for him.
Imagine you had some way of getting him to clean his own room?
Wow, that would be… (sigh) but it isn’t going to happen…he refuses to do anything…

Well naturopathy is the same as bringing a cleaner in, and homoeopathy is getting him to clean it himself…

Now I really don’t understand… naturopathy is a cleaning service? And homoeopathy is….? He’s never going to clean his room on his own… he’s a lazy…

OK… let’s try again….Homoeopathy is based on “like cures like”…
And what does that even mean? Is it something to do with facebook?
It’s cure by similars…
Is that like witches and black cats? No I remember now, that’s “familiars”…

We use substances that can cause symptoms in healthy people similar to the illness…
Oh, so homoeopathy is vaccinations!!! Now I understand-

There you go, getting angry in capital letters again. I’m just trying to understand. I know homoeopathy is good for you – I took something homoeopathic years ago and it completely cleared up my haemmorhoids..

Sorry about getting so angry… what was it you took?
Oh, it was castor oil, I had to put some on my… you know… later I heard it can actually be used to make…


… explosives…?!?  Hello…?? Still there…??





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