When to change remedy based on symptoms.

I have a patient that came to me 27 years ago with chronic eczema.  Treatment was over 2.5 years and he has been free of eczema until August of 2014.

In the interim, he contracted gonorrhea 10 years ago, Chlamydia 5 years ago and then another infection of Chlamydia 1.5 years ago. All three infections were treated homoeopathically until symptom free and the tests showed clear.

It took nearly 11 months to clear this last bout of Chlamydia.  Latterly in the process, Mercurius was indicated again which cleared up the venereal infection completely. In August of 2014, patches of eczema started to appear again on his body and quickly spread all over. He now has eczema in all the places that he has 27 years ago.

It would seem that the infection with a venereal disease has removed the balance achieved for all this time. Skin problems are a family weakness, and he has been the only one to be free of it with treatment. Hahnemann pointed out that there are three main infections for the human race. 2 from direct contagion from Syphilis and from Gonorrhea, and one that is universal from an ancient disease source. He discussed how the infections can be conjoined or complicated.

I have treated the patient with 2 remedies, Mercurius and currently on Dulcamara. It has allowed the skin to calm a little but not too much.

I received this note last night.

“one thing i forgot to mention for the last 3 or 4 days my finger ends under the nails feel swollen and sore when i press them”

I questioned him if the finger ends were swollen and he stated that they felt like it more than obvious.

In examining the symptom in conjunction with the eczema, it came to Staphisagria.


He is starting on the remedy today.

What we have here is a concomitant symptom complete in location and sensation and modality. Added to the main complaint, only two remedies come through and Mercurius is no longer useful to the case as it aggravates, but Staphisagria covers the totality.



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