Case contradictions.

gary Two important points in studying and examining a case by Bœnninghausen’s method must not be overlooked : 1. To see that no contradictory symptom is admitted into the final synthesis. Let us comprehend clearly what we mean by contradictory symptoms. No symptoms are contradictory if they actually occur in a patient and are true ; what we must avoid as contradictory symptoms are those symptoms that a patient may report in one breath, to refute in the next. Or we may find that the symptoms reported when the patient tells his story are contradicted in a review of the case. It may be that we will find seemingly contradictory symptoms through a lack of concept of the relationship of the various elements, or through your failure to interpret the case clearly. Thus a patient may complain that she is worse out of doors, yet her coryza is better out of doors. What she may mean is that her coryza is better out of doors, but her rheumatic complaints are worse out of doors. This may be because of the various relationships of locations, sensations and aggravations, or it may be that she is better from being where it is warm or where her body is warmly clothed, and her pride prevents her from the wearing of a necessary amount of clothes ; it may not he a question of open air at all. It may be that a patient will report a dry mouth, and an excess of saliva. These are not necessarily contradictory symptoms ; they may be manifestations of an alternation of symptoms that are not contradictory, but actually valuable concomitants of the case.

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